Over half of surveyed executives rank self-optimizing networks and AI assistants as top growth AI use cases in the telecom industry

Self-diagnostics and self-optimization for mobile networks were identified as one of the telecoms Artificial Intelligence (AI) use cases with the highest growth potential over the next two years, according to GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company.

GlobalData’s report: ‘Artificial Intelligence Adoption, Usage & Investment Trends in the Telecoms Industry’ found that 61% of respondents believed AI use cases had the highest growth potential. Moreover, 58% of respondents believe that AI assistants and chatbots constitute another AI use case with high growth potential.

Houda Bostanji, Principal Analyst at GlobalData comments: “AI and its technologies, ranging from machine learning to conversational platforms and context-aware computing, offer an unparalleled potential for telcos to drive digital transformation, efficiency and innovation.

“A number of AI use cases have already emerged in the telecoms industry. Self-optimizing networks, for instance, will enable network automation, agility and tailored customer services. AI assistants & chatbots is another AI use case where we are seeing increased traction among telcos to achieve enhanced customer interactions and operational efficiencies. A multitude of other use cases will also drive AI adoption in the telecoms industry over the next two years.”

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