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Multi-Client MedScout Trackers
Multi-Client MedScout Trackers provide easy access to market data when you need it most.

Need a cost-effective market research solution?
Our Multi-Client MedScout Trackers are in-depth semi-customized market models that serve to support key management decisions. The multi-client nature of these projects makes them cost-effective, allowing in-depth market forecasts to be built through stakeholder surveys and financed through multiple clients, thus minimizing cost.
A high level of granularity can be reached with these semi-custom projects to help you make sound marketing decisions.

Why choose Multi-Client MedScout Trackers?
Our Multi-Client Trackers will answer your business’ key questions through a targeted audience for primary research (mainly through electronic 20-minute surveys with 25-30 questions). Some of the advantages of our methodology are:
– Designed to obtain input from over 300 clinical and hospital professionals across the US, major EU markets (France, Germany, Italy, Spain and UK), Brazil and APAC regions (Japan, China, India, South Korea and Australia)
– All respondents are screened to ensure they are involved in purchasing decisions and treatment patterns for the market being forecasted
– Highly qualified consultants and lead analysts by therapy area will guide the design of the discussion guides in your area of interest

Who can the MedScout Trackers help?
– Medical device companies
– Group purchasing organizations (GPOs)
– Contract research organizations (CROs)
– Professional services
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We are currently recruiting for the following trackers:
– Cardiovascular Clot Management
– Drug Delivery Devices in Diabetes Care
– Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Devices
– Electrophysiology
– Hospital Operating Room Equipment
– Mammography Equipment
– Minimal Invasive Spine
– Neuromodulation
– Ophthalmics – Cataract Surgery
– Respiratory Ventilators
– Robotic Surgery
– Sports Medicine Soft Tissue Repair
– Surgical Navigation

With the Multi-Client MedScout Trackers, you can receive updates on data such as volumes, revenues, average selling prices and market share, allowing you to closely monitor the competition and evaluate new product launches. In addition, you can run various scenarios using our procedure-based market models to project company sales and market share. All data and figures are exportable into Excel and PowerPoint, allowing you to prepare presentations quickly and efficiently.