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Secure Market Position

Act quickly and gain a market advantage with timely updates for a complete picture of each company. Leverage competitive insights to take decisive strategic action.

Predict Market Moves

Monitor trends and spot predictive signals from a range of industry, operations, and financial metrics, and forward-looking alternative datasets.

Perform Real-time Monitoring

Track in real-time all the latest company deals, patents, filings, jobs, social analytics, and news to never again be caught unaware.

Mitigate Risk

Perform in-depth due diligence when selecting companies to work with or acquire. Get predictive intelligence on threats that should be on your radar.

Benefits to meet your monitoring needs


Qualify your prospects based on market movements. Tailor sales pitches using insightful company data. ​


Perform due diligence and draw on consistent metrics to confidently compare potential partners.


Monitor and react to evolving customer needs and trends to maintain strong relationships.


Spot market trends, identify product innovation and exploit weaknesses to better position your business. 


Proactively manage and mitigate supplier risk by recognizing challenges and changing priorities.

Acquisition Targets

Spot targets that will add value to your strategy and are a good fit for your growth expectations.

Companies Across Sectors

Learn from the most innovative companies to gain an advantage over your core competitors.

Investment Portfolio

Assess risks to capitalize on high-value opportunities, always following smart money.

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Starting from just $82.90 per month, you can get the essential intelligence you need when you need it.

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