Influencers on Twitter cherish Jaguar decision to go all electric by 2025, reveals GlobalData

Influencers on Twitter cherished when Jaguar Land Rover Automotive PLC (JLR) unveiled its new global strategy to achieve net zero carbon emission by going electric, which led to  a staggering 400% jump in influencer conversations on Twitter during the third week of February 2021 over the previous week, according to GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company.

JLR’s new global strategy “Reimagine” aims to become carbon neutral by 2039. The strategy includes all electrification of both its brands, Land Rover and Jaguar. The company plans to launch six pure electric models by Land Rover from 2025. JLR plans to join the race of green future as the emission norms tighten worldwide and shift in customer preference for electric vehicles gathers momentum.

Smitarani Tripathy, Influencer Analyst at GlobalData, comments: “An analysis of GlobalData’s Jaguar Land Rover Automotive PLC, Company Influencer Platform, which tracks leading industry experts and their discussions on Twitter, revealed Emissions, Electrification, #Emobility, #Racetozero and #Electricvehicles as the most mentioned trends and hashtags among influencer discussions during the period.”

Below are a few most popular influencers tweets captured on 15 February 2021:

  1. Nigel Topping, High Level Champion for Climate Action COP26, is excited about JLR’s move to achieve zero carbon.

“Wow!! @Jaguar To Turn All Electric By 2025, #RaceToZero just accelerated for all vehicle manufacturers!!”

  1. David Heinemeier Hansson, Founder and CEO of Hey and Basecamp, is eager to drive Jaguar EV. He tweeted:

“The first EV I owned was the I-Pace. It completely changed my perception of EVs. Having only driven Teslas before that, and finding the driving experience atrociously bad, seeing that @jaguar could make EVs SUPER FUN TO DRIVE was a .. moment. GOGO JAG!”

  1. Hans Lak, Catalyser at Stop Ecocide, loved the JLR’s decision to become all electric from 2025. He tweeted:

“❤ this #Jaguar news no more #ICE in 2025 100% #eMobility 👏👍 @JLR_News well done!:”

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