Intrepid Travel’s new female only tours will open up worldwide travel opportunities for women, says GlobalData

Intrepid Travel, in accordance with International Women’s Day, is launching a new range of women- only expeditions in Morocco, Iran and Jordan, all led by female tour leaders, says GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company.

Solo-travel is something that many people already enjoy all over the world and by 2022; GlobalData estimates the number of trips taken by solo travelers will increase by 22%. With this in mind, Intrepid Travel have created a safe space for women travelling solo and can capitalize on this projected increase in solo travelers over the forecast.

Laura Beaton, Travel and Tourism analyst at GlobalData comments, “The new tours by Intrepid Travel are a great learning experience for the women that go on them. A female-only environment means women who haven’t traveled before, may be encouraged to do so in the knowledge that cultural and social expectations will be withheld. The new tours travel to female-only parks, gyms and beauty salons and will truly allow travelers to experience the real lives of the women here.”

The move is also empowering for the tour leaders, who will be able to showcase their home countries and introduce their group to influential women leading the way in the local communities including entrepreneurs, cooks, and tradeswomen.

Beaton concludes: “The tours perfectly complement International Women’s Day by providing women with a safe space to travel while celebrating the benefits women are bringing to these countries. There are those that take this opportunity for granted but in some parts of the world there are still boundaries stopping some women from traveling alone and experiencing the freedom that comes with it.”

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