Large number of TAVR procedures need to be delayed due to CAIC’s new guidelines for TAVR practice, says GlobalData

Following thenews that the Canadian Association of Interventional Cardiology (CAIC) released new guidelines for cardiology procedures;

Ashley Young, Medical Device Analyst at GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company, offers her view on the current situation:

“The new guidelines for cardiology procedures come as no surprise, as more and more cardiology associations around the world issue recommendations for changes in practice in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19). The CAIC has developed responses for three potential scenarios: (1) minor restrictions, (2) major restrictions, and (3) complete inability to provide services.

“In the first scenario, the association recommends that only high-risk transcatheter aortic valve replacements (TAVR) are carried out if the expected length of hospital stay is short. In the second scenario, the association recommends only carrying out limited inpatient cases that would facilitate hospital discharge. Finally, in the third scenario, the association recommends a complete cessation of TAVR cases.

“The TAVR device market has grown significantly in recent years around the world due to device advancements and indication expansions, in addition to the growing popularity among both physicians and patients for the minimally-invasive alternative to surgical valve replacement. GlobalData estimates that the market value of TAVR devices in Canada in 2019 was just under $60m, growing at a double-digit compound annual growth rate (CAGR).

“All three scenario responses proposed by the CAIC will have a direct impact on the market value for TAVR devices in the near future, with the impact growing in magnitude with the progression of scenarios. Even the mildest first scenario involves delaying a large number of TAVR procedures this year, while the third scenario would result in no TAVR devices being used while that scenario is in place.

“GlobalData predicts that, while COVID-19 will have an impact on the Canadian TAVR device market in the near future, TAVR procedure numbers will bounce back and stabilize once the pandemic is over, as patients whose procedure was delayed eventually do receive a TAVR.”

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