Lodging providers begin to unveil new hygiene initiatives to meet change in traveler demands

Following the recent announcements from Airbnb and Hilton that new hygiene initiatives will be implemented;

Ralph Hollister, Analyst, Travel & Tourism at GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company, offers his view on the situation:

“Hilton’s plans to partner with sanitation specialists such as the company behind Lysol and the Mayo Clinic will help to assure its customer base by maintaining cleanliness in its hotels. Assurance and peace of mind will now be key requirements for guests as many will be hyper-sensitive towards hygiene standards, at least for the short-term.

“More recently, Airbnb announced that it is bringing on former US surgeon general Dr. Vivek Murthy to help develop new cleaning protocols for its hosts. It is critical that Airbnb tries to address this clear issue with its business model that allows hygiene and sanitation standards to suffer. The company cannot control these standards and instead has to rely on its hosts. If its new cleaning protocols are ignored or fail to be effective, this could be detrimental for the home sharing company as it has already seen its business disappear in recent months.

“A consumer survey by GlobalData illustrates that European travelers currently would like tips on health and wellbeing (as noted by respondents from Sweden with 32%, Germany with 34%, the UK with 39% and Italy at 57%), as well as news about what initiatives companies are running to combat the impact of COVID-19 (respondents in Sweden with 29%, Germany with 33%, the UK with 40% and Italy with 46%). These two types of information were by far the most requested in the survey. Lodging providers that create new initiatives to improve the hygiene and the wellbeing of their guests will be likely to generate an increase in bookings in the short to medium term, which in turn will shorten their length of recovery.”

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