Macau casinos contribute significantly to non-alcoholic beverages’ sales, says GlobalData

The casinos in Macau have been contributing significantly to the sales of non-alcoholic beverages categories such as carbonated drinks, energy drinks and even ready-to-drink (RTD) tea although they are primarily into alcoholic beverages across the world, says GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company.

Priyanshu Rana, Consumer Analyst at GlobalData says: “Macau, which is popular as the gambling capital of Asia, attracts a number of tourists every year and makes casinos a key channel of sales for non-alcoholic beverages. Carbonated drinks and energy drinks are used pre-dominantly as mixed drinks in casinos, but significant consumption of RTD Tea is the preferred beverage by those who do not consume alcohol.” 

In Macau, energy drinks witnessed higher sales through casinos compared to other on-premise channels in 2018, which indicates that it is used as mixed drink as well apart from regular mode consumption. Although, the share of carbonated drinks in casinos is smaller than other on-premise channels, it exhibits highest growth rate in 2018, when compared to other on-premise or even off-trade channels.

Sales of packaged water too have seen a significant growth through casino which surpassed sales through off-trade channel in 2016. The sales of packaged water are inching closer to those through other on-trade channels.

Rana concludes: “The prominence of casinos and increasing number of tourists to Macau opens a window of opportunity for a range of non-alcoholic beverages to increase its presence beyond regular channels.”

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