Majority of industry experts believe Democrats have better approach for handling healthcare issues

A total 65% of industry experts are of the opinion that Joe Biden and the Democratic Party have the better approach for handling healthcare issues in the US, according to a survey by GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company.

Participants were asked about ten different healthcare-related issues that have been points of discussion during the run up to the US presidential election. The survey included issues such as ‘finding a COVID-19 vaccine’, ‘improving access to healthcare’, and ‘improving the quality of healthcare’.

According to Senior Analyst, Eric Chapman: “While results showed that industry experts vary to the degree at which they believe one party or another will be better suited to handle various issues, it was clear that the Democratic Party has presented itself as the party for healthcare in 2021.”

On the topic of healthcare access, a staggering 96% of respondents consider the Democrats to have the best approach regarding the Affordable Care Act, while 93% believe the party will be better at improving access to healthcare. Issues relating to healthcare costs had a more even split between the Democrats and Republicans – for example, 58% of participants felt the Democrats have a better approach for reducing the cost of healthcare insurance and only 56% of respondents believe the party to be better for reducing the cost of prescription drugs and medical devices.

Chapman continues: “Finding a COVID-19 vaccine is one of the top healthcare concerns among industry experts leading up to the November election. Given that 67% of study participants believe the Democrats have a better approach to finding a COVID-19 vaccine, the Democratic party will likely receive more votes from individuals who are concerned and knowledgeable about healthcare.

“President Donald Trump and the Republican Party are perceived to have a better approach for only two of the ten healthcare-related issues, namely, handling opioid addiction and senior concerns.”

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