Marmite’s smooth peanut butter in poll position to appeal to 47% of millennial UK consumers who buy products trending on social media, says GlobalData

Following Marmite’s announcement that it has followed up last years’ successful crunchy peanut butter launch with the launch of a new smooth peanut butter variant:

David Utley, Consumer Analyst at GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company, offers his view on this new consumer goods news:

“I can see this appealing to the experimental consumer who is looking for a little indulgence, and like its crunchy relative, I think it will do well.”

“While many people may not be fans of Marmite, and the new product is far from the healthy natural nut butters that have become increasingly popular, some will love the concept of the peanut butter combination and the novelty of the flavours.”

“This is what Marmite does well – they capitalize on their weakness in order to really appeal to the experimental consumer exemplified in their twitter poll asking what is better, crunchy or smooth?

“Globaldata’s 2019 Q3 consumer survey confirmed that 47% of generation Y consumers say that they are interested in and often buy products that are trending on social media.

“Using twitter as an advertising tool for this launch is well targeted, as we know the UK love (or hate) a debate and Marmite will have every chance of trending with theirs.”

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