McDonald’s takes proactive approach letting consumers choose their favorite burger post-COVID-19

Following today’s news that McDonald’s is reportedly letting consumers choose what is on the menu upon its reopening after the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak ends;

Carmen Bryan, Consumer Analyst at GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company, offers her view on the fast-food operators’ latest marketing move:

“This is a savvy marketing move demonstrating McDonald’s ability to proactively assess and respond to consumer sentiment in a fun and interactive way. By offering consumers the chance to tailor the menu to their specific tastes, the fast-food operator is tapping into key customization trend. This trend, as identified in GlobalData’s TrendSights, empower the consumer and create a sense of partnership with the brand. It will surely appeal to the 68% of global consumers who are always/often influenced by how well a product/service is tailored to their needs*.

“Born out of consumer outcry, as McDonald’s stores were forced to close across the country, the move also creates a key talking point for the company and ensures that the brand stays relevant in consumers’ minds. Whilst there is little chance for McDonald’s to be forgotten during its closure, it is always important for brands to maintain a positive relationship with their clients. The company has the potential to provide a little comic relief (for lack of a better word) during a highly stressful time for many people, as well as potentially unite many in a nationwide discussion on social media whilst social distancing is still in effect.

“Another notable aspect of such marketing gimmicks is that it requires little to no effort on McDonalds part. Although it has not yet been specified how votes will be recorded, utilizing a Twitter poll is a safe and effective bet – this allows McDonald’s to sit back and let the consumers take an interactive approach, voting for their favorite burger and providing McDonald’s valuable insight on how their products fair against each other.”

*GlobalData’s 2018 Q4 Global Consumer Survey

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