Medical device companies to strengthen serology testing portfolios to help combat the spread of COVID-19

Following the launch of Bio-Rad Laboratories’ serology assay to detect COVID-19 antibodies;

Aliyah Farouk, Medical Device Analyst at GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company, offers her view:

“As Bio-Rad Laboratories launches an immunoassay, serology testing will become crucial in screening large populations and combating the spread of COVID-19. Immunoassays detect the presence of antibodies that fight a virus. Bio-Rad’s immunoassay kit is considered to be more sensitive as it detects total as opposed to single antibodies, setting the product apart from competitors. The company currently holds 1.7% of the Infectious Disease diagnostics market share. However, the launch of an in demand diagnostic product is set to result in increased sales and a larger market impact.

“As COVID-19 cases continue to increase globally, the widespread use of serology testing will be of paramount importance. It is likely that other companies will follow suit and focus on strengthening their serology testing product portfolio.

“Serological tests are not routinely offered for the diagnosis of COVID-19 due to the shortage of commercial reagents. This type of test is particularly important as it can determine whether a patient has developed an immune response after recovering from the initial infection. Test results can also be used to aid public health strategies in regulating lockdown/social distancing restrictions.”

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