Microsoft on Acquisition Spree

#Microsoft is well known for making outsized #acquisitions and 2021 has followed this trend. Microsoft came close to setting records in Q3 2021 with seven #deals, which is just one short of the highest number of acquisitions quarter-on-quarter in the company’s history.

In Q3, the tech giant has invested in various themes such as #cybersecurity#cloud#networking#digitalmedia#AI#bigdata, and #ecommerce with its acquisitions.

In a report ‘M&A in TMT – 2020 Themes,’ #GlobalData, forecasted that #NuanceCommunications (Nuance), an AI-based speech synthesis and speech recognition company, will be an acquisition target. Three months later, Microsoft acquired Nuance for US$19.7bn.

As new technologies continue to emerge under innovative companies, Microsoft will be watching and picking winners. With one more quarter left in 2021, we must wait and see what and how much more Microsoft is willing to spend on deals.

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