Motorola reprises the iconic Razr hoping design outweighs phone specs

Following the news that Motorola officially unveiled its new version of the iconic Razr mobile phone, a hit in the early 2000s;

Lynnette Luna, Technology Analyst at GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company, offers her view:

“The Motorola Razr phone was a massive hit 15 years ago. It is an iconic device. Motorola has done a rather clever thing here. It is playing on that nostalgia while at the same time capitalizing on a trend toward foldable smartphones.

“It appears to have solved a main drawback we have seen with foldable phones to date: a creased screen where the phone folds. This Phone should appeal to both those consumers who loved the Razr, and there are many, and those looking for a newer iconic phone designs.

“However, the device has mid-range specs and the price is expensive at US$1500. Moto-Lenovo is hoping the unique design will trump specifications, and this gives Verizon a foldable phone to offer as it is a Verizon exclusive.

“We don’t see it turning around Motorola’s market share, however, this is clearly a niche device.”

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