Nestlé’s Incredible Burger set to rebrand after legal battle with Impossible Foods

Following today’s news (June 1st) that Nestle will be appealing the decision of a Dutch court that prohibited the Swiss-multinational from selling its plant-based burgers under the ‘Incredible Burger’ brand name;

Arian Bassari, Consumer Analyst at GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company, offers his view:

“Nestlé’s continued expansion into the world of plant-based foods is not surprising given the rise of meatless meals, especially during the pandemic, which has caused consumers to ask more questions than ever about the safety of animal products. Despite the setback, Nestlé is well established in the European market and may be in a better position than Impossible Foods to capitalize on the rising popularity in the plant-based sector.

“GlobalData’s COVID-19 survey shows that, in Europe, 37% of consumers say they agree that they prefer to buy products only from their favorite brands1 – a large proportion of European consumers are brand loyal and as such brand positioning is a critical factor when launching a new product. Impossible Foods is currently seeking to expand into Europe, and the brand will be looking to differentiate itself to carve a strong position in the market.”

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