New health trend opportunity as sleep-friendly ingredients enter beverages and snacking

The incorporation of sleep-friendly ingredients in food and drinks is expected to have future potential as it closely aligns with many consumers’ want for a better night’s rest through natural methods, according to GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company.

According to the company’s Global 2019 Q3 Consumer Survey, a notably higher proportion of Gen X and Gen Y consumers worldwide (79%) are concerned about tiredness/fatigue than the retired Silent Generation (58%). Among Gen Y, the pressure that comes with starting a new career, combined with a typically higher propensity to watch television or stream apps, could play a part in preventing regular sleep, leading to fatigue in day-to-day life.

GlobalData’s report, ‘Foresights: Night-Time Foods and RTD Beverages’, highlights a growing awareness among consumers that their diets can have a major impact on their sleeping patterns.

Ramsey Baghdadi, Consumer Analyst at GlobalData, comments: “As fatigue and tiredness are such a high concern for consumers globally, foods and beverages with ‘sleep-friendly’ claims will perform well in an otherwise highly saturated market, as they create a point of differentiation against traditional energy-boosting counterparts.”

Younger consumers are most vulnerable to feeling sleep deprived due to their hard-working, digital-orientated lifestyle. As a result, manufacturers in the past year such as the sleep-easy ice cream brand Nightfood and sleep-friendly ready-to-drink (RTD) brand Snoooze, have been focusing on foods and beverages specially designed to be consumed shortly before bed to improve sleep patterns.

Baghdadi states: “Such products are also an innovative example of how manufacturers can stand out from the competition by highlighting unique benefits to consumers such as specific lifestyle/health benefits, as product specificity is a key driver in consumer purchasing behavior. Manufacturers should use more natural ingredients in their products as a significant proportion of consumers globally are concerned about chemical/pharmaceutical sleep solutions, following global trends towards simpler and more natural lifestyles.

“The key to these sleep-friendly snacks is that they contain more plant-based ingredients that claim to improve digestion, natural melatonin levels and are low in sugar, leading to a deeper sleep.”

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