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The pursuit of competitive and commercial advantage inevitably places pressure on businesses to expand beyond existing geographies and into new markets. However, there are many risks to consider when identifying or creating the required go-to-market strategy. If expertly executed, the assessment phase offers significant growth and profit upside, while the associated costs and risks can be greatly reduced.

GlobalData drives successful new market entry by helping companies to decode many of the complexities that exist along every step of the journey. Our unique data, expert analysis, and innovative solutions enable our clients to:

  • Identify opportunities for growth
  • Dissect consumer trends globally in order to ensure product relevancy
  • Pinpoint sources of risk and take mitigating action
  • Monitor competitor activity and enable effective benchmarking
  • Accelerate time-to-market


Why us?

In short, GlobalData empowers clients to identify the most viable markets to penetrate, and craft a strategy that evolves with constantly changing market dynamics at a local level.

  • “GlobalData offers an in depth global perspective on trends. What’s more, they add value with their wide perspective on consumer insights, channels and competitive scenario.” Marketing Director, Nestlé

  • “GlobalData is a key input for our Strategic Planning and Business Intelligence teams. Their data is key not only to monitor market reality, but also to build our forecasts, support strategic decisions, and set future objectives." Strategic Planning Director, The Coca-Cola Company

  • At Rynkeby we use GlobalData for several purposes, and value it very much. We both use it in our daily work as well as for more strategic long term projects. GlobalData gives us valuable information across different categories and markets, and covers both the Retail and Food Service sector - information we can't get anywhere else!Research Manager, Rynkeby Foods A/S

  • “I think GlobalData is a great tool to achieve a global and detailed vision of our markets, category leaders, brand participation and flavors, this also helps us to act strategically with our licensees and work on improvements.” Marketing Manager, Tampico Beverages

  • "GlobalData’s service is certainly another key element of how you differentiate from your competitors." Marketing Manager AMEAP, Dawn Foods B.V. Middle East

  • “The rich data and insight that the GlobalData team provide helps us to identify opportunities for our companies to explore and exploit. We have seen a number of companies develop their international export and expansion strategies based largely on reports provided by GlobalData. Senior International Marketing Executive, Scottish Development International

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