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Latest edition: 19 Apr 2024
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Ontario allocates funds to link over 23,000 people to primary care

The effort will help people without a regular healthcare provider in Lambton, Chatham-Kent, and London.

Latest news

First design consultation completes for NSW residential rehab centre

The feedback highlighted the need for the centre to maintain a single-storey character in keeping with the current streetscape.

VITAS Healthcare launches hospice care services in Alabama

The company's services include 24/7 access to admissions personnel, regular hospice team visits and access to trained clinicians.

Eskenazi Health opens health campus in eastern Indianapolis

The 95,000ft² campus has 73 exam rooms for primary care services, as well as 28 consultation rooms.

UK's SaTH to deploy new patient administration system

This PAS upgrade will be implemented between 19-22 April by the health information technology company System C.

World Bank plans to expand healthcare to 1.5 billion people by 2030

The new plan is part of a broader global mission to establish a fundamental care standard at every stage of life.

HHCS to buy Community Health Systems' Tennessee hospital for $160m

The deal, which is awaiting regulatory approvals, is expected to close in the third quarter of this year.

Reproductive Hormones and Proteins Tests Market Analysis

Understanding the key trends shaping and driving the Reproductive Hormones and Proteins Tests market.

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