NHS soup-and-shake diet could lead to reduction in type 2 diabetes and obesity in UK by improving disease management, says GlobalData

Following the news that Type 2 diabetes sufferers in the UK were put on a soup and shake diet by the NHS;

Akash Patel, Cardiovascular & Metabolic Disorders Analyst at GlobalData, offers their view:

“Plans like the NHS’ soup-and-shake diet will help the ~1.9 million people in the UK that are estimated by GlobalData to be currently living with both type 2 diabetes and obesity, conditions that are risk factors for developing severe COVID-19 complications.

“If these T2D patients reduce their body weight, this will reduce the likelihood of development of additional comorbidities such as cardiovascular disease, diabetic kidney disease and peripheral nerve damage. Historically, the most common practice has been physicians educating patients about diet and T2D management, however, such practices have been met with limited success as not all T2D patients are compliant with their diet and exercise regimens.

“The NHS plan will likely confer a more streamlined approach, making it easier for both patients and physicians improve compliance and overall management strategy.”

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