Online beer festival to leverage 83% of the UK consumers that drink alcohol

Following the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, independent operators will see slowdowns in the on-trade sector. However, the UK-based craft beer club, Beer52, has created an innovative way to stay engaged with its consumers through hosting the world’s first online craft beer festival. Initiatives such as this will help drinks companies maintain their sales amid sector slowdowns, says GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company.

Carmen Bryan, Consumer Analyst at GlobalData comments: “If the COVID-19 outbreak can teach us one thing, it’s that brands must be versatile and flexible in responding to external crises in order to maintain consumer engagement and a competitive edge – and Beer52 is no different”

With 83% of UK consumers stating that thedrink alcohol*, the subscription-based craft beer club has recognized a significant void in the current beverages market – that is boredom and a lack of opportunities to socialize outside of one’s own household. By leveraging this, companies with innovative initiatives such as Beer52’s are supporting their independent partners in reaching consumers directly and maintaining their sales amid obvious slowdowns in the on-trade sector.

Bryan continues: “What’s more, 43% of UK consumers like to try new flavors as soon as they are available**. Digital consumption is a great way for independent brands to showcase new product launches in a more interactive and accessible manner. Rather than spending a lot on traditional marketing, the online festival allows consumers to actively participate in the discussion, and therefore drive potential future launches.”

Such digital initiatives are not without their pitfalls however. While it brings increased diversity and accessibility – for example people with disabilities or single parents with limited time will be able to participate in such events without physical barriers – they may also prove harder to monitor and regulate.

Bryan adds: “For example, age verification may also prove a challenge as it will be harder to ensure all participants are above the legal age.”

*GlobalData’s 2019 Q4 Consumer Survey – global

**GlobalData’s 2019 Q4 Consumer Survey – global – somewhat/always responses combined

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