‘Potential chewing gum tax heavy handed’

Following the announcement in the Spring Statement of the consultation on what can be done to reduce the use of single use plastics – which could potentially include chewing gum,

David Harris Senior Consumer Analyst at GloblaData commented:

‘‘Chewing gum manufacturers will not appreciate being tarred with the same brush as plastic packaging, with this consultation into plastic waste in the UK. The majority of gum products in the UK are focused on providing oral health benefits; as such, an extra tax on sugar-free gum in particular could be a detriment to the nations’ oral health.’

Consumers, legislators and the industry do need to talk about the most effective ways of minimizing chewing gum waste. Street waste is a genuine issue, and chewing gum is part of the problem. However this broad consultancy focusing on taxation measures seems heavy handed, and a one-size fits all approach will not be the most effective way to tackle the issue.’

Taxation may be part of the solution, but simply adding cost to the price of a pack will not drive a significant change in the behaviour of consumers who are generating this street waste.’’

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