Quantum Computing Supremacy

From designing novel #polymers and #pharmaceuticals to modeling #climatechange and decoding #encryption, the potential applications of quantum computing are increasingly becoming key requirements across a wide array of industries.

Even though fully-fledged, universal, and fault-tolerant quantum computers may be more than a decade away, #investors do see #QuantumComputing delivering value and want to take advantage. This reflects in the average deal size over the past three years, which ballooned from US$15.5m in 2019 to US$25.5m in 2021, reveals GlobalDataPlc.

An analysis of GlobalDataPlc’s Disruptor Intelligence Center reveals that various companies are in a race to monetize quantum computing as an everyday tool for business.

Researchers at the #UniversityofScienceandTechnologyofChina (#USTC) have developed a 66-qubit programmable superconducting quantum computing system named ‘#Zuchongzhi2.1’ and claimed the quantum advantage.

Within the next five to seven years, intermediate quantum computers are likely to become available that can offer a quantum advantage over classical computers in certain optimization applications across, for example, #spacewarfare#logistics#drugdiscovery, and #optionstrading.

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