Retail Clients

Although GlobalData emerged as one company in 2016, we have had business relationships spanning the past 40 years with more than 1,000 companies across the Consumer & Retail value system, and have built long-term partnership with leading tier one organizations within the industries.

Our end-to-end coverage, from ingredient and packaging suppliers through to producers and retailers, all the way to consumers themselves, allows our clients to understand their decisions beyond their own business. We are the only data and insights solution provider to be able to do this today.

GlobalData works with world-leading consumer brands, manufacturers, retailers, suppliers and investors. Many of our clients have been with us over a period of decades, and we work closely and collaboratively with them to tailor our services to their needs. These organizations trust us to deliver data and analysis they can rely on for their decision-making. The following client testimonials give an appreciation of the quality insight and customer service we can offer your business:

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Coca Cola Spain

“GlobalData data is a key input for our Strategic Planning and Business Intelligence teams…”


“The best source for future market forecasts….”

Merrill Lynch Wealth Management

“Always providing industry information that is relevant and up-to-date…”


“Difficult to know how we would expect GlobalData to present more…”

Royal Mail

“GlobalData provides consistency of data…”


“The key source of a lot of market intelligence for us….”


“Understand trends and developments in the markets….”


“Understands our business needs and is highly responsive, delivering what we need, when we need it….”

Nestle Philippines

“GlobalData offers an in depth global perspective on the liquid beverage trends…”

DEVIN JSC, Bulgaria

“DEVIN have been relying on GlobalData to provide us with accurate market data…”

HEINEKEN International

“GlobalData has become one of the most insightful global resources to Heineken…”


“In a dynamic environment they bring us valuable market insights …”

Jose Cuervo

“A great part of our success in the development of new products and repositioning of our brands…”


“The data is accurate, presentation is clear, and support comes always quickly and friendly…”

Dark Dog, The Energy Drink Company

“GlobalData have always been positive, providing us with invaluable insights…”


“GlobalData global capabilities in the beverage market analysis have brought a unique benefit…”

Banyan Tree Hotels

“GlobalData has provided additional knowledge and attention to detail insights…”

NCR Corporation

“The research delivered a clear picture of the market opportunity and the key strategies needed…”

Allianz Insurance plc

“The only subscription in the market that gives us the information we require…”


“A great perspective of the overall market which supports in framing our strategic priorities accordingly…”

Glenmark Pharmaceuticals, Inc. USA

” It’s like having another FTE available to create our first-pass market assessments, at a fraction of the cost….”


“The device data were exactly what we needed, our client was intrigued…”

FCB Cure

“One of the things we were most excited about is the coverage of niche diseases…”

Emory University

“The level of overall detail provided is really impressive!…”

Afraxis, Inc.

“Overall, a very thorough report and comparable, if not superior, in content to similar reports by other reputable firms….”

Imclone Systems

“GlobalData’s platform is the closest thing to a one-stop shop I have found…”


“I can’t figure out how we could work without GlobalData”

DRI Capital

“GlobalData takes it to the next level and gets into the nitty gritty…”


“GlobalData has been a great partner for us in accessing not just market revenue data, but also clinical trial information…”

Jabil Circuit

“Their data is exceptional and drives many of our business decisions. …”


“It’s widely used throughout our business and is a very useful resource…”


“Specific to my needs, and find the service very useful…”

Lockheed Martin

“Provide necessary background when pursuing a new customer or competing against a new competitor….”


“We use GlobalData every day throughout the organization…”


“It is the only information source I rely on for good, honest detail….”