GlobalData Plc

Companies Briefing

Our Retail Company Briefings combine proprietary performance indicators, impartial analysis on company strategies and informed forecasts on future company performance. Our data is not just confined to that in the public domain, but includes unique data such as market shares and consumer insight.

Use our expert research and analysis to:

  • Benchmark performance
  • Track market shares
  • Access detailed performance analysis
  • Identify the success factors of your competitors
  • Access briefings of over 300 companies

We help you obtain answers to these questions:

  • What are the reasons behind the success of-high performance of players?
  • How can you apply this knowledge to your strategy?
  • Which companies should your business develop relationships with?
  • What information should I know about the company to enhance this relationship?

Your subscription provides you with:

  • Briefings for over 300 companies
  • Company briefings for multi-sector retailers and specialists spanning seven key sectors
  • Key company information including company proposition and competitive positioning, opportunities for growth and recent key events.
  • Financial performance and key operating statistics, as well as market share and customer demographics.