GlobalData Plc

Strategic Issues

The retail environment never stands still, with economic trends, globalization and new technologies changing how retailers operate and interact with their customers to ensure their business is profitable.

We highlight the issues and industry trends so that you can shape the best responsive strategies for your business.

Use our expert research and analysis to:

  • Explore how enhanced services and in-store events can enhance sales and build loyalty with customers
  • Find out how consumers are using payment technologies
  • Devise creative marketing strategies
  • Keep ahead of emerging retail trends

We help you obtain answers to these questions:

  • Where are your customers shopping and why do they shop there?
  • Which trends should you be acting on now?
  • How can you learn from other retailers’ responses to the latest trends to reinvigorate your proposition?

Your subscription provides you with:

  • The latest Trend Analysis across the following sectors: Electricals & Entertainment, DIY & Home, Clothing & Footwear, Health & Beauty, Food & Grocery, Fuel and Automotive
  • The latest trends in distribution strategies, services, technology and payments, marketing and product development
  • Consumer Insights based on primary consumer research providing you with a highly detailed, data-rich overview of your customers
  • Comprehensive analysis of the UK economy. Insight into retail demand and retail expenditure across all the major retail sectors as well as our opinion on how the major players are placed to deal with the changing landscape
  • Case studies and strategies for success from leading retailers including Waitrose, Selfridges, Marks & Spencer, Debenhams, Amazon, BP and many more