Sainsbury’s and Pets at Home recall could break trust with new UK pet owners, says GlobalData

With growing concerns over a potential link between cat food products sold in the UK and an outbreak of a deadly feline disease, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) has recalled potentially contaminated pet food. This could damage brand loyalty and trust with pet owners, as high-quality ingredients or pet food products are a top priority for UK pet owners, with two in five (42%) equating this with value for money*, writes GlobalData, a leading data and analytical company.

Jenny Questier, Senior Consumer Analyst at GlobalData, says: “Pet adoption was at an all-time high during the lockdown period, with as many as 25% of Brits adopting a pet during peak lockdown of summer 2020**. This is likely due to restrictions and social distancing measures implemented during the pandemic. Many consumers felt lonely and isolated and have, understandably, been seeking comfort and companionship during what has been a very difficult time.”

GlobalData’s Q1 Consumer Survey has also revealed that health and wellbeing remains a key driver for purchase, with 45% of UK consumers being influenced by how a product can impact this*.

Questier continues: “Keeping the whole family, including pets, healthy and safe will be of utmost importance to consumers, especially during this uncertain time when health issues are at the forefront of consumers’ minds.”

GlobalData’s Q1 Consumer Survey also found that trust was a key driver of consumer purchase with half (50%) of UK consumers being influenced by how familiar/trust-worthy/risk-free the product feels*.

Questier adds: “Many consumers consciously select known and trusted brands that give them reassurance that they are doing the best for their families and pets. The very real and the very human aspect brought to the forefront in 2020 around consumers protecting the health and safety of themselves and their families means that brands and manufacturers absolutely have to use their products and expertise responsibly to ensure the health and wellbeing of consumers and their pets.”

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