As schools open, COVID may spread amongst children, says GlobalData

Following the news that some schools are beginning to reopen their in-person classes in the US;

James Spencer, Data Scientist at GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company, offers his view on the current approach to reopening America’s schools:

“Millions of schoolchildren around the US may soon be exposed to COVID-19 as schools open up. This was argued as being fine, citing sources saying children have some of the lowest death rates of all possible patient populations. However, recent data suggest that the perception that young people won’t be as affected by the virus due to having ‘healthy immune systems’ may not be the case. Several studies in recent months have suggested that children may actually have higher viral loads than older patients when infected. That is to say, a child is more infectious due to the higher amount of virus they spread to the surrounding area.

“Furthermore, some studies suggest that deaths among children and teenagers are growing at a greater rate than the other patient populations, meaning that the healthcare needs of younger patients are not being met – if they’re even being understood. Opening more schools can only expose one of our most vulnerable populations to death and chronic health conditions long before their time.”

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