Siemens Healthineers hopes to answer global demand for COVID-19 antibody tests

Following announcement that Siemens Healthineers is now globally shipping its COVID-19 total antibody test;

Azadeh Laffafian PhD, Medical Device Analyst at GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company, offers her view:

“Siemens Healthineers is not alone in its push for COVID-19 testing, as several other companies such as Roche and Abbott have also produced COVID-19 antibody tests. These tests are expected to identify individuals who have been exposed to the virus in the past and potentially developed immunity to it – an important piece of information that can be used to understand how much the virus has spread in a community and can be used to decide how fast economies can re-open. 

“On the downside, recent reports about false results and questions about whether the presence of antibodies indicate future immunity have somewhat put a damper on the enthusiasm for these tests. Recently the Centres for Disease Control (CDC) recommended that public health guidelines should not be modified based on antibody tests until further data is available.

“Overall, the demand for the information that antibody tests are expected to provide is still high and countries are looking for tests with high specificity and sensitivity to provide reliable and actionable information.”

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