Snam SpA seeks to hire to improve M&A process, finds GlobalData

Snam SpA has advertised 200 roles within H1 2021, according to GlobalData’s Jobs Analytics Database. Since January 2020, the company has posted around 25 roles for merger and acquisition (M&A) out of which 14 roles are posted in 2021 as the company aims to build a team to evaluate potential targets for acquisitions or partnerships. The company’s hiring activity is based on its sustainable business model with which it aims to build energy transitions with the help of its subsidiaries on biomethane, hydrogen, low carbon mobility, energy efficiency, SSLNG and green gases.

Srinivas Rahul, Business Fundamentals Analyst at GlobalData, says: “The company is hiring for an M&A team to assist in transactions on new businesses, due diligence activities, analyses of the valuation models, negotiation of acquisition contracts and defining the target company’s capital structure for M&A roles from the time of announcement of its strategic plan. Snam is also improving various processes within all teams to coordinate with its M&A and partnership transactions.”

According to GlobalData’s Financial Deals database, Snam announced around eight M&A and partnership deals and completed around six such deals from 2020–2021, which involved gas, power and construction companies. These deals are meant to enhance its technological positioning for hydrogen development, implement several solutions to its decarbonisation needs and for acquiring various new skills in energy efficiency solutions.

The company advertised a role for an ‘Engineering & Digital Services Solutions Leader’ to build fully-fledged digital solutions, as well as hiring managers for LNG, biomethane, hydrogen and innovation to identify innovations and improve the processes and efficiency in the teams. The company is also seeking an ‘M&A Analyst’ to participate in all the different steps of the M&A processes; ‘Stage Finance’ for execution of structured finance transactions; ‘Stage M&A’ for financial analysis; ‘Risk & Insurance Specialist’ to ensure management of group insurance coverage; and ‘Business Development Managers’ to monitor market dynamics.

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