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    $100 | July 2023
    Product Insights

    Kirishi Refinery, Russia

    Kirishi refinery is located in Leningrad Oblast, Russia. The refinery is owned by Surgutneftegas. It is operated by Kirishinefteorgsintez. The project started its operations in 1966. Kirishi Refinery profile includes core details such as name, location, refinery type, asset status, start year, owner and equity stakes, operator, design/nameplate capacities of different processing units for the period 2010-2030, nelson complexity index (NCI) and capex. We also provide refinery maintenance information for active refineries (both historic and forecast), along-with relevant news, deals...

  • Company Profile

    $295 | March 2023
    Company Profile

    Surgutneftegas – Company Profile

    Surgutneftegas is an integrated energy company that carries out the production, exploration, gas processing, power generation and marketing of petroleum products, petrochemicals and gas products. Surgutneftegas is engaged in oil and gas processing and power generation, wholesale and retail trade of petroleum products and related services. It owns and operates, Kirishinefteorgsintez refinery in Russia. Its refinery produces petroleum products such as motor fuels, aromatics, liquid paraffin, diesel fuel, jet fuel and bitumens. The company also operates its retail activities through...

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