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  • Thematic Analysis

    $995 | January 2024
    Thematic Analysis

    Payments Sector Scorecard – Thematic Intelligence

    Payments Sector Scorecard Thematic Intelligence Report Overview Disruptive solutions such as blockchain, AI, and cloud technology are driving changes in the payments industry. Companies such as JPMorgan Chase, GoogleC, Visa, and Mastercard are heavily investing in these solutions even though they are at their early stage of using disruptive technologies. In addition, incumbent companies acquire startups and stakes in competitors to grow their market share. Fintech startups first showed interest in new payment solutions such as open banking, blockchain, and...

  • Company Profile

    $295 | May 2023
    Company Profile

    Monese Ltd – Company Profile

    Monese Ltd (Monese) operates an online banking alternative platform that allows users to manage money online. It offers current accounts for storing money and making payments. The company provides clients with a mobile application for managing their finances. Monese provides instant on-demand UK banking accounts regardless of the customer's citizenship. It enables customers to meet their everyday needs and offers all the modern banking facilities, such as online and mobile banking, cash withdrawals, card payments and international money transfers. The...

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  • Sector Analysis

    $5,250 | July 2020
    Sector Analysis

    United Kingdom (UK) Retail Banking 2020 – Review, Forecasts, and Future Opportunities

    Growth in the UK retail banking sector has been consistent over the past decade following the global financial crisis, although COVID-19 will significantly alter trajectories and forecasts in 2020 and 2021. A V-shaped recovery is expected and could potentially see growth post-COVID-19 follow similar trends and rates to those pre-COVID-19. Following a decade of austerity, a return to this policy to reduce the deficit and debt incurred during the COVID-19 period is unlikely due to the political consequences for the...

  • Sector Analysis

    $5,250 | May 2017
    Sector Analysis

    New Entrants: Mapping the Landscape

    "New Entrants: Mapping the Landscape", report examines some of the most interesting and significant new entrants in the UK, the US, and Europe. This report is based on interviews with industry figures and secondary research. Market conditions around the world have not historically been particularly friendly to new banking entrants. Stringent regulations have presented formidable barriers to entry, and only a minority of consumers express enthusiasm for banking with new providers. However, regulators in the UK, EU, and elsewhere are...

  • Track & Monitor

    $1,295 | April 2019
    Track & Monitor

    FinTrack: March 2019

    Every month, FinTrack showcases the latest innovations from financial services providers around the world. Each innovation is assessed and rated on key criteria, providing you with valuable insight. The provision of financial services is constantly evolving, with new technology having a particularly significant impact. Innovations such as digital delivery, AI, biometrics, and robo-advice are enabling providers around the world to offer new and improved services to customers that will improve the way they manage their finances. The growing availability of...

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