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    $295 | April 2023
    Company Profile

    Aixtron SE – Company Profile

    Aixtron SE (Aixtron) provides deposition equipment to the electronic components industry. The company provides technology solutions for building advanced components for optoelectronic and electronic applications based on silicon, compound, or organic semiconductor materials and carbon nanostructures. Aixtron’s product portfolio includes compound semiconductors. These components serve a wide range of technologies, including LED applications, laser, data storage, GaN components, data transmission, display technologies, communication, and signaling and lighting. The company’s products are available under various brands including, AIXACT, AIXTRON, APEVA, Atomic...

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    $250 | November 2022
    Track & Monitor

    Innovation in Aerospace, Defence & Security: Planetary Gear Assembly

    Innovations in aerospace, defence & security industry is relentless, making it hard to stay-on top of the dynamically evolving industry landscape and in early identification of profound shifts posing high risk of being disrupted if detected too late. GlobalData's coherent data-driven approach, using multiple forward-looking alternative datasets, empowers clients by decoding in advance the disruptive innovations in aerospace, defence & security industry. Using patent data, GlobalData's proprietary industry innovation s-curve identifies specific innovation areas and their stage of evolution, i.e.,...

  • Analyst Opinions

    $995 | February 2022
    Analyst Opinions

    Internet from Sky: Can LEO Satellites Transform the Future of Connectivity?

    The latest space race aims to provide satellite internet with real-time latency for data-intensive industrial and business-oriented communication applications. A shorter trip is a faster trip, hence LEO satellites positioned nearer to the earth are at an advantage to maximize data transmission. LEOs are secure as communication happens in space and hence are not likely to be influenced by natural catastrophes or man-made disasters. With terrestrial access to broadband increasingly constrained, LEOs potentially raise the bar to provide lightning speed...

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