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    $295 | February 2024
    Company Profile

    SentinelOne Inc – Company Profile

    SentinelOne Inc (SentinelOne) is a redefining cybersecurity provider. The company offers sentinelOne vigilance, a sentinel one endpoint protection Platform. Its platform products include singularity cloud, singularity ranger, singularity mobile, sentinelOne remote Ops singularity identity and singularity signal. SentinelOne's services include vigilance respond pro MDR + DFIR, vigilance respond MDR, watchtower Pro threat hunting and watchtower threat hunting. It serves services also serves to finance, energy, healthcare, higher education and manufacturing industries. SentinelOne is headquartered in Mountain View, California, the US.

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  • Thematic Analysis

    $995 | September 2021
    Thematic Analysis

    Tech Unicorns – Top 10 Themes in 2021 – Thematic Research

    The term unicorn describes a rare, mythical creature, but unicorns (privately held companies worth $1bn or more) are no longer rare. There are currently 826 unicorns, of which 751 are tech unicorns. In early 2020, there was a pandemic-induced slowdown in new tech unicorn births. However, 2021 promises to be a record year, with 228 new tech unicorns created in H1 2021 alone. The US is home to half of the tech unicorns today, followed by China. The US hosts...

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