Mine and Project Profiles

Uncover detailed mine-site profiles across all commodities and countries.

Analyze competitors with unrivalled insights and expedite new business opportunities.

Discover development schedules, capex, historic and forecast production, operating costs, mobile equipment and plant information, key contacts and more for over 33,000 mines and projects globally.

Included in these reports:

  • Production of saleable output, ROM and overburden, with forecasts to 2030
  • Cost data including capex and opex
  • Extensive mine-site contacts such as mine managers, maintenance managers and procurement managers
  • Counts of key equipment, including trucks, excavators and loaders

We are the trusted, gold standard intelligence provider to the world’s largest industries

GlobalData powers faster, more informed decisions with:

  • Granular industry intelligence: We develop deep, vertical-specific intelligence tailored to your industry, providing 360° insight.
  • Exhaustive coverage: We synthesize our vast data universe into formats that support your decision-making needs, covering the sectors, themes, companies and geographies that matter to you.
  • Proprietary datasets: We provide you with access to untapped pools of intelligence generated from our proprietary datasets and primary research capabilities.
  • Robust methodologies: The quality and timeliness of our data is a key differentiator. We leverage robust research methodologies to turn millions of data points into trusted intelligence

Thousands of companies, government organizations, and decision makers rely on GlobalData

We have a track record of serving truly diverse clients, including:

  • Corporates: From refining strategy to fostering innovation, our insights power decisions for all corporate functions.
  • Investment firms: From balancing risks to identifying alpha signals, our insights are widely used by investors and financial analysts.
  • Professional services: We give consultants, legal, and accounting firms the critical insights to make faster, more informed decisions.
  • Other sectors: From media to academia, we work with sectors as diverse as our data.

The trusted, actionable and future-proof insight you need to stay ahead

We have decades of experience in being the gold standard intelligence provider based on:

  • Unique data: Our proprietary data sources are unmatched and untapped, giving you exclusive insights to drive decisions.
  • Expert analysis: Leverage collective expertise. Count on our extensive team of researchers, analysts, subject matter experts, and journalists, plus thousands of external thought-leaders.
  • Real intelligence over AI: Experience a level of analysis that leaves AI in the dust. Unlock the proprietary datasets unseen by AI and gain a decisive edge.
  • Time-saving research solutions: Save hundreds of hours on research. Our comprehensive reports let you focus on delivering actionable insights - not searching for them.
  • Unparalleled global coverage: Tap into insights from anywhere. Our extensive global coverage offers an unrivalled view of the market landscape.
  • One platform: Access all our unique data, expert analysis, and innovative solutions on one platform.
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