Innovation Opportunities for Beauty Primers

For many consumers, primers represent an integral part of the beauty regime in enhancing the efficacy and longevity of the products they wear. In light of changing usage trends, opportunities exist to expand upon this and capitalize on changing beauty regimes across the global consumer base. Consumer beauty regimes are moving in two different directions, creating new innovation opportunities. On the one hand, some consumers are seeking out more convenient, streamlined, and value-for-money offerings, while on the other many are looking for more effective ways to enhance their appearance of themselves and the products they use. The trend towards 'blurring' within beauty in order to provide a more natural appearance when concealing imperfections is creating new ways in which to reposition traditional primers as a more on-trend, novel beauty solution.


Creates an understanding of evolving consumer usage habits and beauty routines, and why they are changing.

Offers insight into the top innovation trends impacting the primer segment.

Provides insight based on results from Canadean Consumer's latest surveys, including the 2014 Q4 global survey.

Reasons to buy

How can primers meet the needs of today's consumers

How can brands innovate beyond traditional "tube and cream" formats

What are the opportunities for primers going forward

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