COVID-19 Impact on Ambu A/S’s Revenue and Operations (Medical Devices)

Pages: 11 Published: January 04, 2021 Report Code: GDHC024CI

Ambu A/S (Ambu) is a medical device company that manufactures and markets life supporting devices. It focuses on single-use devices for anesthesia, patient monitoring and diagnostics and emergency care, headquartered in Ballerup, Denmark with global manufacturing and sales reach. Ambu A/S's product range include Visualization: Single – use flexible endoscopes, Patient Monitoring and Diagnostics – Neurology, Cardiology and Airway Management and Anaesthesia. The report, COVID-19 Impact on Ambu A/S's Revenue and Operations (Medical Devices) presents a deep dive analysis into how Ambu A/S is placed to respond to the COVID-19 crisis, by examining its sector performance and competitiveness.


The report provides a comprehensive analysis of the impact of COVID-19 on Ambu A/S –

– It provides insights on Ambu A/S's exposure to the regions and businesses impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak.

– It offers an overview of the company’s revenue impact by region and market for 2020 due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Key Highlights

The spread of the disease in recent days has caused a change in demand patterns for Ambu which affects its Visualization segment as well as its core business.

The net effect has led to higher than expected organic growth in Q2 2019/20 as well as higher growth expectations for the full-year 2019/20.

In particular the heavy impact in Europe and rapid rise of COVID-19 cases in the US mean that the general outlook for sales has significantly worsened in the past week. In addition to uncertainties about the demand patterns of hospitals, there is a risk of being unable to continuously supply products out of our factories.

Reasons to Buy

An overview of how Ambu A/S will be affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Key Players

Ambu A/S

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

COVID-19 impact analysis on Ambu A/S – Key Findings

Ambu A/S Key Facts

Geographic spread analysis – COVID-19 vs Ambu A/S sales

Consensus Expects a Global Recession

Ambu A/S's exposure: revenues by region and market vs regional impact levels

Ambu A/S : revenue impact by region and market for 2020

Operational reactions from Ambu A/S? Indications from recruitment trends

Operational reactions from Ambu A/S’ Indications from US pricing trends

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