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The production of cardboard boxes uses less energy and water than glass bottles, leading to increased adoption by spirit producers. This factor remains crucial at a time when companies across the world are aiming to go green in order to reduce environmental damage. Boxed packaging in spirits has the potential to gain popularity with more brands entering the segment. Moreover, its popularity would further amplify as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic; the larger pack size of boxed spirits makes it less suitable to pass from the hands of one person to another.

The boxed alcohol concept originated in the 1930s in Australia, when it was first used for packaging lower-quality wines. However, the trend is changing as quality wines are now being packaged in boxes by popular wineries across America and Europe. Added benefits of convenience and sustainability have to potential to make boxed alcoholic drinks popular among consumers. To capitalize on this trend, producers of various alcoholic drinks such as whiskey, vodka, tequila and RTD cocktails have shown interest in this packaging format.


– Spirits manufacturers can capitalize on rising consumer inclination towards environment-friendly packaging options.

– Opportunities abound for alcoholic drink manufacturers targeting price-conscious consumers.

– Boxed packaging has an edge over bottles in ensuring a longer shelf-life and freshness.

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