Contract Pharmaceutical Dose Manufacturing Industry – Composition, Size, Market Share and Outlook, 2023 Edition

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Contract Pharmaceutical Dose Manufacturing Industry Overview

The total dose CMO contract revenue in 2022 represented significant growth over 2021 revenue. The growth rate was the highest recorded since 2011 for commercial contract dose manufacturing revenues, and surprisingly adds to the strong growth experienced in 2021, despite demand for COVID-19 vaccines and therapies waning in 2022.

The Contract Pharmaceutical Dose Manufacturing Industry report is a comprehensive look at the finished dose contract manufacturing landscape in 2023. It includes an analysis of dose CMO M&A activity, market size, and share. It is a critical source for strategic planning efforts and will improve understanding of crucial components of the supply chain that will provide insights for supplier selection and management.

Value Chain ·        API

·        Dose Form Manufacturing

·        Packaging

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Contract Pharmaceutical Dose Manufacturing Industry Trends

The main trends that have affected contract dose trends in the CMO industry in 2022 are classified into business environment factors, high revenue growth environment, and acquisitions shaping the industry.

Inflation remains a major concern for pharma manufacturers as they will most likely be unable to invest as much in innovative capabilities as they did previously due to the current environment of high inflation and quickly rising interest rates, which will increase costs related to transport, energy, and labor. Instead, many manufacturers will refocus on operational efficiency. On the positive side, drug manufacturers will be able to raise their prices, which will increase sales, although government legislation will attempt to curb rising drug prices. Consumers may not react favorably to increasing prices.

Top Contract Dose Trends in the CMO Industry, 2022

Top Contract Dose Trends in the CMO Industry, 2022

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Contract Pharmaceutical Dose Manufacturing Industry – Size, Structure, and Growth

This report covers dose CMOs that manufacture a client’s pharmaceutical finished dosage form to supply to the highly regulated markets of the US, Canada, the EU, the UK, and Japan. They actively promote themselves as contract manufacturers and seek contract manufacturing relationships, as evidenced by website and trade show participation.

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Contract Pharmaceutical Dose Manufacturing Industry - Value Chain

The value chain of the contract manufacturing industry can be simplified into three main segments which are API, dose form manufacturing, and packaging. API is the active component of a drug. In the next layer of the value chain, active and inactive ingredients are combined to produce the final dose form such as a tablet or an injectable.

Packaging can be further segmented into primary packaging and secondary packaging. Primary packaging is the placing of a dose form into a container that makes actual physical contact with the drug, while secondary packaging is the placing of a primary package into an outer container.

Contract Manufacturing Industry Value Chain

Contract Manufacturing Industry Value Chain

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This 63-page report gives an important expert quantitative analysis of the pharmaceutical commercial contract dose manufacturing industry. Findings are based on the industry’s most comprehensive database of the dose CMO industry (GlobalData’s Contract Service Providers Database). This analysis is driven by a proprietary model of the dose manufacturing industry, which is continuously updated and refined. The 8 tables and 20 figures throughout the report illustrate major points and trends. This report is required reading for:

  • CMO executives and strategic decision-makers: to improve understanding of the dose CMO industry and provide critical input for strategic planning efforts.
  • Sourcing and procurement executives in bio/pharmaceutical companies: to improve understanding of crucial components of the supply base that will provide insights for supplier selection and management.
  • Private equity investors: they can gain a deeper understanding of the dose CMO market and important insights for identifying potential investment targets.

Reasons to Buy

This report will enable the user to answer the following questions:

  • What is the geographic reach of commercial dose CMOs?
  • What are revenues did the commercial contract dose manufacturing industry generate in the last year?
  • What are the components of revenue change for contract dose manufacturers?
  • What is the breakdown of 2022 revenues by different dosage forms?
  • What are the characteristics of the largest dose CMOs?
  • How did the revenue growth of Contract Dose manufacturers in 2022 compare to Contract API manufacturers?
  • What is the outlook for the dose CMO industry?
  • What is the outlook for COVID-19 products?

AAA Pharmaceutical Inc
Aavis Pharmaceuticals
ABC Farmaceutici
ABCO Laboratories Inc
Acino International AG
Acme Generics LLP
ACS Dobfar
Adare Pharmaceuticals
Adnova Healthcare Pvt Ltd
Advanced Accelerator Applications SA
Aenova (Swiss Caps/Dragenopharm)
Agraria Pharma GmbH
Aizant Drug Research Solutions Pvt Ltd
Akiyama Jyozai
Alfasigma SpA
Alfresa Holdings Corp
Ali Raif Ilac Sanayi AS
Alifarm SA
Allay Pharmaceuticals LLC
Alliance Contract Pharma LLC
Alpex Pharma
Altea Pharmaceutical SA
Althea Technologies Inc.
American Regent/Luitpold Pharmaceuticals
Amol Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd
Anfarm Hellas SA
ANI Pharmaceuticals Inc
Annora Pharma Pvt Ltd
Apex Pharmaceuticals Inc
Apotek Produktion & Laboratorier AB
Applied Laboratories
Aptapharma Inc
Aquestive Therapeutics Inc
Aristo Pharma GmbH
Asept Pak
Aseptic Technologies
ASM - Aerosol-Service AG
Aspen Pharmacare Holdings Ltd
Athena Drug Delivery Solutions Pvt Ltd
Athlone Laboratories Ltd
AUPA Biopharm Co Ltd
Australian Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Pty Ltd
Avalon Pharma Pvt Ltd
BAG Healthcare
Bankyo Pharmaceuticals
Bausch & Lomb
Berlin-Chemie AG
Best Formulations
Biocon Ltd
BioConnection B. V.
Biofarm Italia
Biogrund GmbH
Bioton SA
BMP, bulk medicines & pharmaceuticals production gmbh
Boehringer Ingelheim Biopharmaceuticals GmbH
BOLDER Arzneimittel GmbH
Bruschettini S.r.l.
BSP Pharmaceuticals SpA
Bushu Pharmaceuticals
Bymaa Laboratories Pvt Ltd
Caleb Pharmaceuticals Inc
Cambrex Corp
Capsula Operculata GmbH
Cederroth Paramedical AS
Celltrion Inc
Cerovene Inc.
Chanelle Medical
Choseido Pharmaceutical Co Ltd
Citra Pharma Manufacturing
CMIC Holdings Co Ltd
Coating Place
Colep Portugal SA
Confab Laboratories Inc
Contract Coating Inc
Contract Manufacturing and Packaging Services Pty Ltd
Contract Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Cook Pharmica
Corden Pharma
Cosmo Pharmaceuticals
Curia Inc
Custom Pharmaceuticals
Cyndea Pharma
Daewoo Pharmaceutical Co Ltd
Daito Pharmaceutical Co Ltd
DAU Laboratory
Debiopharm Research & Manufacturing SA
Dechra Pharmaceuticals Plc
Demo SA
Doppel Farmaceutici Srl
Douglas Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Dr. R. Pfleger
Dr. Reddy's
Emergent BioSolutions Inc
E-Pharma Trento
Eurofins Scientific SE
European Medical Contract Manufacturing BV
Ever Pharma GmbH
Evertogen Lifesciences Ltd
Evonik Industries AG
Exela Pharma Sciences
Exelead Inc.
Faes Farma SA
FAREVA Holdings
Farmacapsulas SA
Farmaceutici Procemsa SpA
Farmaceutisch Analytisch Laboratorium Duiven BV
Farmalabor (Grupo medinfar)
Farmasierra SA
Ferrer Internacional
Fertin Pharma
Fine Foods NTM Spa
First Time US Generics LLC
Formosa Laboratories Inc
Formulation Technology Inc
Francia Farmaceutici Industria Farmaco Biologica Srl
Fresenius Kabi
Fuji Pharma Co Ltd
Fulton Medicinali
Future Pak
G&W Laboratories, Inc.
Galien LPS
Gap Pharma
Gedeon Richter
Gemini Pharmaceuticals
Genetic SpA
Genvion Corp
GL Pharma
Glatt Pharmaceutical Services
GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)
Globopharm GmbH
Grand River Aseptic Manufacturing
Granulation Technology Inc
Grifols SA
Grupo Azevedos
Guardian Drug Company
H2 Pharma
Hainan Visum Pharmaceutical Co Ltd
Hanford Pharmaceuticals
Hangzhou Minsheng Pharmaceutical Group Co Ltd
Hasco Lek
HBM Pharma
Health Pharma USA LLC
Hercon Pharmaceuticals LLC
Herkel BV
Holopack Verpackungstechnik GmbH
Huayi Pharmaceutical (Anhui) Co Ltd
Hudson Scientific LLC
IDT Australia Ltd
Incepta Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Indeus Life Sciences Private Limited
Indusen SA
Inva-Tech Pharma Solutions LLC
IPC Process-Center GmbH & Co KG
ITC farma
JAMP Pharma Corp
Jemedic AB
Jiangsu Wanbang Biochemical Pharmaceutical Group Co Ltd
Jilin Qijian Bio Pharmaceutical Co Ltd
Jodas Expoim Pvt Ltd
JOINN Biologics Inc
JONAKAYEM Pharma-Formulation (OPC) Pvt Ltd
Jubilant HollisterStier
Kemwell Biopharma Pvt Ltd
Kern Pharma
Kindeva Drug Delivery LP
Kleva Pharmaceuticals SA
Klocke Pharma-Service GmbH
Laboratoire AJC
Laboratoire Elaiapharm
Laboratoire Riva Inc
Laboratoires Chemineau SAS
Laboratoires Galéniques Vernin (LGV)
Laboratoires Gilbert
Laboratoires Lavoiser Chaix
Laboratoires Pierre Fabre SA
Laboratoria Smeets
Laboratoria Wolfs
Laboratorio Farmaceutico CT
Laboratorios Basi
Laboratorios Ern
Laboratorios Farmaceuticos Rovi SA
Laboratorios Normon SA
Lacer SA
Laleham Health And Beauty Ltd
Lamp San Prospero SPA
Lannett Co Inc
Laphal Industrie
Lecifarma - Pharmaceutical Laboratory Ltd
Legacy Pharmaceuticals
Lifecore Biomedical LLC
LNK International
Lomapharm - Rudolf Lohmann GmbH
Losan Pharma
Lotus Pharmaceutical Co Ltd
Lozys Pharmaceuticals SL
LTS Lohmann Therapie-Systeme GmbH
Lyrus Life Science Pvt Ltd
Mahavir Laboratories Pvt Ltd
Marifarm proizvodnja in storitve d o o
Marine Ingredients
Maropack AG
Mayne Pharma
MEDA Manufacturing
Medical Products Laboratories Inc
Medicofarma SA
Merck & Co Inc
MIAS Pharma Ltd
Mikart LLC
Milan Laboratories (India) Pvt Ltd
Mipharm SpA
Miwana AB
Morepen Laboratories Ltd
Murli Krishna Pharma Pvt. Ltd.
Nagase Medicals
Nephron Pharmaceuticals Corporation
NextPharma Technologies Holding Ltd
Niche Generics Ltd
Nipro Pharma
Nitto Medic
Nordmark Arzneimittel GmbH & Co. KG
NorthX Biologics
Nostrum Laboratories LLC
Nova Laboratories
Novast Holdings Ltd
Oakwood Laboratories
Olds Softgels Inc
Oncomed Manufacturing a.s
Orient Pharma Co Ltd
Orion Corp
Orofino Pharmaceuticals Group
Osmopharm SA
Panpharma SA
PCI Pharma Services
Pegasus Labs
Pernix Pharma Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Ltd
Perrigo Co Plc
Pfizer CentreOne
Pharbest Pharmaceuticals Inc
Pharma developpement
Pharma Stulln GmbH
Pharma Tech Industries
Pharmaceutics International Inc
Pharmalab Inc
Pharmaloop SL
Pharmeal Laboratories
PharOs Ltd
Pillar5 Pharma
Piramal Pharma Solutions
PL Developments
Plastikon Industries
Polfarmex S.A.
Prasfarma S.A.
Procaps SAS
Pure Origin Group
PureTek Corp
Purna Pharma
Purzer Pharmaceutical Co Ltd
Pyramid Laboratories
Qilu Antibiotics Pharmaceutical Co Ltd
Qualigens Pharma Pvt Ltd
Qualiphar NV
Quantum Pharmaceutical Ltd
Raritan Pharmaceuticals Inc
Rechon Life Science
Reig Jofre
Renata Ltd
RubiePharm Arzneimittel GmbH
S. Zhaveri Pharmakem Pvt Ltd
SAG Manufacturing SLU
Salubrent Pharma Solutions
Salutas Pharma
Samsung Biologics
Saneca Pharmaceuticals
Sanico NV.
Sciarra Laboratories
SENSILAB Polska Sp zoo SKA
Siegfried Holding AG
Sincrofarm SL
SM Farmaceutici
Societal CDMO Inc
Softech Pharma Pvt Ltd
Sopharma AD
Sose Pharma
Sovereign Pharmaceuticals
Statens Serum Institut
Steri-Pharma LLC
Sterling Pharmaceutical Services
Sterling Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Sterop Laboratories
Sunny Pharmtech Inc
Suraksha Pharma Pvt Ltd
Symbiosis Pharmaceutical Services
Sypharma Pty Ltd
Taiyo Pharma Tech Co Ltd
Tarsal Pharmaceuticals Inc
Tedor Pharma
Tesa Labtec GmbH
The Ritedose Corp
Thepenier Pharma Industrie S.A.
Titan Laboratories Pvt Ltd
Toa Pharmaceuticals Co Ltd
Toll Pharma
Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Towa Pharmaceutical Co Ltd
Tower Laboratories, Ltd
Trillium Health Care Products Inc.
Tripak Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd
Trividia Manufacturing Solutions Inc
TrueCare Biomedix
Tulex Pharmaceuticals Inc
TWi Pharmaceuticals Inc
UAB Santonika
UBI Pharma Inc
Unimedic Group
Valcon Medical AS
Vifor Pharma
Vinkem Pharma LLC
Vioser S.A.
Vistin Pharma AS
VKT Pharma Pvt Ltd
Vovantis Laboratories Pvt Ltd
Wagener & Co. GmbH
Winder Laboratories LLC
Wockhardt CM
Woodfield Pharmaceutical LLC
Xellia Pharmaceuticals
Yooyoung Pharmaceutical Co Ltd
Zhejiang Bamboo Pharmaceuticals Co Ltd
Zhejiang Huahai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

Table of Contents

  • 1 Executive Summary
  • 2 Players
  • 3 Trends
  • 4 Industry Size and Structure

    • 4.1 Definition of the dose CMO universe
    • 4.2 Industry demographics

      • 4.2.1 Global versus regional reach
      • 4.2.2 Dosage forms

    • 4.3 Major developments affecting industry structure

      • 4.3.1 Dose facility acquisitions
      • 4.3.2 Dose company acquisitions
      • 4.3.3 PE acquisitions

  • 5 Industry Size and Growth

    • 5.1 Dose manufacturing

      • 5.1.1 Inflation
      • 5.1.2 Components of growth
      • 5.1.3 Revenue by dosage form

  • 6 CMO Market Shares

    • 6.1 Characteristics of the largest CMOs

  • 7 COVID-19 Products Sales Forecast
  • 8 Analyzing Recent Dose CMO Industry Performance

    • 8.1 COVID-19 influence
    • 8.2 High inflation effect
    • 8.3 Service-specific growth
    • 8.4 Cell and gene therapy investment
    • 8.5 Sponsor-CMO relationships

  • 9 What It Means
  • 10 Value Chain
  • 11 Companies
  • 12 Appendix

    • 12.1 Methodology

      • 12.1.1 Methodology for market size and growth estimates
      • 12.1.2 Deals years
      • 12.1.3 CMO classifications

    • 12.2 Bibliography
    • 12.3 Primary research – key opinion leaders
    • 12.4 Further reading

  • 13 About the Authors
  • 14 Contact Us

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