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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Case Study – New Direct-to-Consumer Opportunities During Lockdown

This report looks at a number of innovation examples that are adapting during the pandemic, one of which is the beverage giant, PepsiCo. The brand has launched new D2C platforms to pre-empt future disruptions, allowing the brand to seamlessly trade without retailers. For brands looking to adopt similar approaches, they must consider the appeal of local products, s-commerce, supply chain flexibility, and behavioral analytics to foster personalization.

This report analyzes the new opportunities that have emerged in direct-to-consumer spaces as a result of the COVID-19 lockdown. The shutting of retail spaces has forced brands to devise new methods to reach consumers, relying on the internet to broaden their reach. As consumption habits change due to social distancing and working from home, brands are approaching D2C methods as a long-term "failsafe" against future market disruption.


– Brands are seeking to cut out the retailer if consumers must accept social distancing as a new norm.

– Drops in physical footfall have led brands to adapt their services beyond brick-and-mortar stores.

– Social media plays a vital role in direct-to-consumer relationships. Communication is vital, as well as gauging personalized content and behavior patterns.

Reasons to Buy

– Identify how brands can innovate to engage consumers, as well as showcasing the best-in-class innovation examples throughout.

– Learn how consumption habits are changing and driving innovation.

– Access valuable strategic take-outs to direct future decision-making and new approaches to reach consumers.

Key Players


Forest Road Brewery

Garfield Eats

The Ethical Butcher

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. COVID-19 Case Study: New Direct-to-Consumer opportunities during lockdown


Changing Habits:

Examples we like

Initiatives as a response to COVID-19

Key Take-Outs

2. Appendix


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