Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Impact on Biopharmaceutical Venture Capital Deals

Pages: 32 Published: April 30, 2020 Report Code: GDHCHT087

This report examines the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on venture capital deals for biopharmaceutical companies. This analysis is critical to understanding how the outbreak of COVID-19 impacted investments and how those VC deal trends may impact current and future venture capital investments.


This 32-page report gives important, expert insight you won’t find in any other source. 11 tables and 9 figures throughout the report illustrate major points and trends. This report is required reading for:

• Investors that want to understand how COVID-19 has impacted VC deals in the biopharmaceutical industry as well as identifying companies that may be due for a round of financing in upcoming months

• Companies that are due to raise venture capital in the near future and need to consider 2020 VC trends into their capital raising strategies.

• Large pharma companies with investment groups or BD teams looking for partnership opportunities where companies may be in need of financing with changing VC trends during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Reasons to Buy

Monthly trends of VC deals by value and volume; including an analysis of monthly VC activity in China versus U.S. during the spread of the diease

Analyzes how COVID-19 has shifted investment trends by deal value, round, and therapeutic area

Assessment of investors activity level in biopharmaceutical VC deals prior to and during the COVID-19 pandemic

Identify biopharmaceutical companies that may be looking for rounds of financing and how they may be impacted by the shifted trends in VC investment

Key Players

4d Molecular Therapeutics
Adlai Nortye Biopharma Co Ltd.
AIVITA Biomedical
Akouos Inc
Alexandria Venture Investments
Aligos Therapeutics Inc
ALX Oncology Inc
Amal Therapeutics SA
Ansun BioPharma Inc
Antiva Biosciences
Aqualung Therapeutics Corp
ARCH Venture Partners LP
ARS Pharmaceuticals
Ascentage Pharma group
Atomwise Inc.
Biopact Cellular Transport Inc
Blueberry Therapeutics Ltd.
Boxer Capital
BW Therapeutics LLC
Cadent Therapeutics
Carisma Therapeutics Inc.
Casdin Capital LLC
Casma Therapeutics
Celsense Inc
CerFlux Inc
Chondrial Therapeutics LLC
Cormorant Asset Management LLC
Cowen Healthcare Investments
Decibel Therapeutics
Deerfield Management
ElevateBio LLC
Emulate Inc.
EQRx Inc
Escient Pharmaceuticals
Evox Therapeutics Ltd
Fidelity Management & Research
Foresite Capital Management LLC
Freeline Therapeutics
Galecto Biotech AB
Galera Therapeutics Inc
Generation Bio Corp
Heartseed Inc
Horama SA
Hotspot Therapeutics
Hoverink Biotechnologies Inc
ILiAD Biotechnologies
Immune-Onc Therapeutics
Immunocore Ltd
Impact Therapeutics
InCarda Therapeutics
InSightec Ltd
Intarcia Therapeutics Inc
Intensity Therapeutics
iTeos Therapeutics SA
KAHR medical Ltd
Kaitai Capital
Kallyope Inc
Kleo Pharmaceuticals Inc
Ksq Therapeutics
Kymera Therapeutics LLC
Lilly Asia Ventures
Max Biopharma Inc
Medicxi Ventures (UK) LLP
Minoryx Therapeutics
Modalis Therapeutics Corporation
Nanjing Legend Biotech Co Ltd
NBE-Therapeutics AG
Neurana Pharmaceuticals
Neurotez Inc
NMD Pharma ApS
Nohla Therapeutics
Novo Holdings AS
Oncoheroes Biosciences Inc
Orasis Pharmaceuticals
Orbimed Advisors LLC
Partner Therapeutics
Perceptive Advisors
Phylos Bioscience Inc
Pliant Therapeutics Inc
Polaris Partners LLC
Quentis Therapeutics
RA Capital Management LLC
Rakuten Medical Inc
ReAlta Life Sciences Inc
Redmile Group LLC
Relay Therapeutics
RemeGen Ltd
Rheos Medicines
Ripple therapeutics Corp
Rongchang Bio-Pharmaceutical Co.
Sen-Jam Pharmaceutical LLC
Senti Biosciences
Slayback Pharma LLC
SQZ Biotech
StemBioSys Inc
Surveyor Capital Ltd
SutroVax Inc
Synthego Corporation
Tecnologia Regenerativa Qrem SL
Transcenta Holding Ltd
Vedanta Biosciences
Velicept Therapeutics
Vivo Capital LLC
Xilio Therapeutics Inc

Table of Contents

1 Executive Summary

2 Table of Contents

3 Venture Capital Trends

4 Investors in Biopharmas

5 Regional Breakout

6 Companies with Venture Capital at Risk

7 Key Findings

8 Appendix

List of Tables

Table 1: Q1 2020: Top Companies by Venture Capital Amount

Table 2: Top Therapeutic Areas Receiving Venture Capital (2020)

Table 3: Most Active Investors by Deal Volume: Q1 2020

Table 4: Most Active Investors by Deal Value: Q1 2020

Table 5: 2019: Top Investors by Deal Count

Table 6: 2019 VC Invested by Region (by Recipient HQ Location)

Table 7: Companies Actively Looking to Close Venture Capital Rounds

Table 8: Biopharma Companies with Planned Series A Financing

Table 9: Sample of Biopharma Companies with Expected Series B Financing

Table 10: Sample of Biopharma Companies with Expected Series C Financing

Table 11: Sample of Biopharma Companies with Expected Series D Financing

List of Figures

Figure 1: Venture Capital Deals by Month

Figure 2: Venture Capital Deal Value 2019 FY vs. 2020 ($M)

Figure 3: Deal Volume by Series

Figure 4: Deal Value by Series

Figure 5: VC for Infectious Diseases Drugs Table

Figure 6: Top Investors by Deal Count – Q1 2020 vs. 2019

Figure 7: Spread of COVID-19

Figure 8: Venture Capital Deals in China

Figure 9: Venture Capital Deals in the US


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