Superfoods in FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods)

Superfood ingredients are not novel creations, but consumers view products with their presence as fashion-forward and exciting. There are several trends driving the superfood infatuation including experimentation, image-consciousness and wellbeing, illustrating that consumers are intrigued by both the exotic nature of superfoods and their potential to improve their image and health. Manufacturers are now also recognizing the multifunctionality of superfoods, which has led to the inclusion of such ingredients into sectors that are less saturated, including baby food and pet care. However, major producers must beware of the ethical, environmental, and legal challenges that accompany the "superfood" claim when developing and marketing their products.


"Superfoods in FMCG: Exploring the drivers, opportunities, and challenges for superfood ingredients" is part of GlobalData Consumer's Hot Topics research. It examines the various trends that are driving the superfood infatuation and how this has affected product development across different FMCG sectors. Challenges to the superfood trend are also discussed, illustrating that manufacturers must note the ethical, environmental, and legal implications of marketing products on their superfood credentials.

Reasons to buy

Understand the relevant consumer trends and attitudes that are driving the superfood infatuation to inspire product development.

Gain a broader understanding of the industries that superfood ingredients are well-established within and those that are less developed to understand where there are gaps in the market.

Access valuable strategic take-outs in the form of specific opportunities and challenges in the superfood realm to enhance future decision-making and inform new product development.

Companies mentioned

Marc Jacobs

Ballerina Natural

Nails Inc.

Purely Elizabeth

Ready Pac Foods

Sapporo Ichiban

Healthy Choice

Super Nature






Happy Family






Wellness Trufood

Lily's Kitchen

Purina Beyond


Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Growth drivers of super foods in FMCG

3.How super foods have manifested across different sectors:

i. Beauty and personal care


iii. Beverages

iv. Pet food and tobacco and anti-smoking aids

4. Challenges

5. Conclusions

6. Appendix

List of Tables


List of Figures



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