Clinical Trials – The Importance of Diversity in Clinical Trials

Pages: 33 Published: July 29, 2022 Report Code: GDHCHT343

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This report provides an analysis of clinical trial racial representation data and evaluates racial demographics across a number of clinical trials sectors to highlight the level of diversity.


The clinical trials data used for these analyses was extracted from GlobalData’s Clinical Trials Database, captured on June 16 and July 19, 2022. The data primarily includes clinical trials initiated from January 1, 2013 to June 16, 2022. Disclosed racial representation data has been analyzed by location, by year, phase, therapy area, sponsor type, top industry sponsors, pivotal study status, single country and multinational trials, decentralized trials, and CRO involvement. Additional analysis on obstacles in the recruitment of diverse subject populations in clinical trials and steps which can be taken to increase diversity have also been included.

Key Highlights

Analysis of Racial Representation across Multiple Clinical Trial Sectors

Reasons to Buy

Provides a breakdown of racial representation data across a number of clinical trial sectors.

Identifies which areas are lacking in clinical trial population diversity.

Highlights the variation in diversity in the industry and against institutional sponsors.

Documents the barriers to diversity in clinical trials and outlines steps to improve it.

Assesses how decentralized and virtual components in clinical trials affect diversity.

Key Players




Johnson & Johnson


F. Hoffmann-La Roche

Eli Lilly

Merck & Co



Table of Contents

Executive Summary


Analysis of Diversity in Clinical Trials (2013–2022)

Key Findings


List of Figures

Figure 1: Percentage of clinical trials with disclosed racial representation data by region

Figure 2: Percentage of clinical trials with disclosed racial representation data in the top 10

countries for clinical research

Figure 3: Total representation of studies with racial demographic data

Figure 4: Racial representation in clinical trials by year

Figure 5: Proportional race representation in clinical trials by year

Figure 6: Racial demographic distribution by phase

Figure 7: Industry sponsors vs. institutional sponsors clinical trials racial representation

Figure 8: Racial representation in the top five therapy areas

Figure 9: Proportional racial representation of top company-sponsored trials

Figure 10: Racial representation in pivotal clinical trials

Figure 11: Racial representation of single country vs. multinational clinical trials

Figure 12: Racial representation of decentralized clinical trials vs. traditional trials

Figure 13: Racial representation of clinical trials with CRO involvement

Figure 14: Obstacles to clinical trial diversity

Figure 15: Increasing diversity in clinical trials


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