Alcoholic Beverage Sport Sponsorship in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) 2021 Landscape – Analysing COVID-19 Impact, Top Sponsor Brands and Sponsorship Sector

Pages: 28 Published: August 31, 2021 Report Code: GDUKSPC71801

Emea Alcoholic Beverage Sport Sponsorship Market Overview

The alcoholic beverage sponsorships are estimated to be worth $462.77 million in the European region. The amount is expected to be shelled out on 666 sponsorship deals between alcoholic beverage brands and European sports properties that are currently active or were active in the most recently completed season in which the sports property competed.

Single market territory deals hold the major share in the alcoholic beverage sponsorships. The UK is the most appealing single market territory for alcoholic beverage sponsors. There are 386 alcoholic beverage brands engaged in sponsorship deals with properties in the European market. These 386 brands stem from seven alcoholic beverage categories – beer, low & non-alcoholic beer, wines & champagne, spirits & liquors, cider, flavored alcoholic beverages and alcoholic beverage distributors.

Overview of alcoholic beverage sponsorship market in Europe

Overview of alcoholic beverage sponsorship market in Europe

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What is the alcoholic beverage sponsorship dynamics in Europe?

Alcoholic beverage sponsorship deal values are heavily dictated by the size of the sports property, the markets in which the deal covers, and the rights and assets granted through the deal, which for beverage brands often includes pouring rights in stadia and venues related to the sports property. The top ten deals within alcoholic beverage sponsorships in the European market are dominated by deals with some of the most prestigious and sought-after sports properties on the continent.

Due to the negative connotations surrounding alcoholic beverage advertisements, restrictions are in place in terms of alcoholic beverage sponsorships in many European markets, such as France and Russia. Nevertheless, the sector still plays a significant role in the wider European sponsorship market. Deals with continental sports properties – those which take place across Europe, such as the UEFA Champions League and Euro 2020 – are driving the most value through alcoholic beverage sponsorships by some distance.

What are the sectors in alcoholic beverage sponsorship?

Beer was the leading sector followed by wines & champagnes, low & no-alcohol beer, spirits & liquors, flavored alcoholic beverages, alcoholic beverages distributor and cider.

Beer brands dominate the alcoholic beverage sector sponsorships in the European market in terms of both annual spend and deal volume, accounting for more than 60% of the alcoholic beverage sector. A recent trend in the alcoholic beverage sponsorship market is the growing prevalence of low & non-alcoholic beer brands. Increasingly, beer brands are using sponsorship to promote both their alcoholic and low-alcoholic products, whilst some are even using sponsorship to solely market their non-alcoholic beer products.

Smaller sub-sectors within the alcoholic beverage market, such as flavored alcoholic beverages, alcoholic beverage distributors, and cider, unsurprisingly feature towards the lower end of the spectrum in terms of sponsorship spend and volume of deals.

Alcoholic beverage sponsorship market, by sector

Alcoholic beverage sponsorship market, by sector

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Who are the major brands in alcoholic beverage sponsorship market?

Heineken was the leading brand in alcoholic beverage sponsorship landscape in terms of deal volume followed by Carlsberg, Estrella Damm, Krombacher, and Mahou. Heineken also led the alcoholic beverage sponsorship landscape in terms of annual spend followed by brands such as Budweiser, Estrella Damm, Guinness, and Moet & Chandon.


Heineken stands at the forefront of the alcoholic beverage sponsorship market in Europe with the most significant spend and highest volume of deals by a substantial margin. In recent years, Heineken have increasingly used sponsorship for a multi-brand approach, whereby it markets both its alcoholic and non-alcoholic product Heineken 0.0 within the same deals.


As one of the most globally recognized beer brands on the planet, Budweiser has long been associated with some of the leading sports properties across the globe. However, the size of the brand’s European portfolio suggests a more concentrated approach to sponsorship on the continent.


Danish beer brand Carlsberg’s sponsorship focus lies primarily in soccer, which accounts for 80% of its portfolio in the European market. Carlsberg utilize long-term sponsorships, which allows the brand to become synonymous with particular sports properties which resonate with the brands marketing strategy.

Estrella Damm

Estrella Damm is a Mediterranean beer brand whose portfolio focuses primarily on soccer and tennis properties almost exclusively within its domestic market, serving as the sponsor of 11 soccer teams and three tennis tournaments in Spain.


Diageo-owned Irish stout brand Guinness is a key sponsor of Rugby Union and has become synonymous with the sport over the year. Guinness also sponsors two of the most prestigious rugby union properties in the England Rugby Union team, the Welsh Rugby Union and the Scottish Rugby Union.

Alcoholic beverage sponsorship market, by key players

Alcoholic beverage sponsorship market, by key players

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Market report scope

Total value (Year – 2021) $462.77 million
Base year for estimation 2021
Segmentation by sector Beer, Wines & Champagnes, Low & No-Alcohol Beer, Spirits & Liquors, Flavoured Alcoholic Beverages, Alcoholic Beverages Distributor And Ciders
Key brands Heineken, Carlsberg, Estrella Damm, Krombacher, Mahou,

Budweiser, Guinness, Moet & Chandon and others

This report provides an overview of the alcoholic beverages sponsorship landscape in Europe. It provides:

  • Analysis of the biggest deals, breakdown of the sector, analysis of the major alcoholic beverage sponsorship markets, and which sports are attracting the most alcoholic beverage sponsorships in terms of deal volume and overall deal values.
  • Analysis of the major players within the alcoholic beverage sponsorship landscape, focusing on the most active brands, the biggest spenders, and which markets they are from.

Reasons to Buy

  • Assess industry-leading data to gain an understanding of the current alcoholic beverage sponsorship landscape within the European market.
  • Discover the direction of brand spending in terms of which markets and sports in Europe are attracting the most alcoholic beverage deals and generating the most value.
  • Understand what the current and emerging trends are within the alcoholic beverage sponsorship landscape in the European market.

Key Players

Estrella Damm
Moet & Chandon
Premier League
La Liga
FC Barcelona

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Sector Analysis

3. Brand Analysis

Frequently Asked Questions

The total alcoholic beverage sponsorship value was $462.77 million in 2021.

Key sectors in the alcoholic beverage sponsorship market include beer, wines & champagnes, low & no-alcohol beer, spirits & liquors, flavoured alcoholic beverages, alcoholic beverages distributor, and cider.

Heineken is the leading brand in the alcoholic beverage sponsorship market in terms of deal volume followed by Carlsberg, Estrella Damm, Krombacher, and Mahou.


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