Competitor Profile: Neat

This report provides information and insight on Neat, including comprehensive coverage of its products and services; a comparative assessment of its peers; and information on its partnerships, revenue model, and key events and milestones.

Neat is a digital-only alternative banking solution operating in Hong Kong, offering retail and business accounts with prepaid cards. Neat’s main focus is business banking. In Hong Kong it can be difficult as well as expensive for new businesses and businesses moving to the market to open accounts. Neat aims to make it easier for them to open bank accounts by cutting the cost and time it takes to onboard, reducing the process to 10 minutes.


– Neat launched in September 2016.

– In February 2017, Neat introduced P2P payments.

– In April 2019, Neat received a money lending license.

Reasons to buy

– Gain insight into Neat’s business operations and key events in the company’s history.

– Learn about its product and service portfolio.

– Assess the competitive dynamics in the retail banking industry by comparing its performance against its peers.

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Table of contents


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