Top Travel And Tourism Profiles: British Airways Plc – Detailed Positioning Insight To Better Understand Your Target

"Top Travel and Tourism Profiles: British Airways Plc", a Technology Profile report by GlobalData, is one among the many offerings in Digital Industry product line up, which provides an executive-level overview of the information & communications technology budget of the profiled company. The report also presents a summary of business operations, company positioning, key performance indicators, and brings special focus on digital innovation and transformation strategies of the company adopted by the enterprises.


It provides in-depth analysis of the following –

– Overview: This section provides business overview, business strategies, and recent strategic developments such as merger, acquisition, or any kind of joint venture

– Company Positioning: The section provides geographical footprint, segment analysis, key performance indicators (KPI), and organizational hierarchy.

– IT Spending & Innovation : This section depicts estimated ICT budget for the company across various segments, functions, and channels. The section also analyzes all the investment by the company for recent or ongoing digital transformation.

– Opportunities : This section analyzes company’s future investment plans pertinent to digital transformation.

Reasons to buy

– This technology profile report provides a thorough analysis of the airliner, British Airways Plc’s business operations, key performance indicators, and their ICT spending and innovation.

– The report drives special focus on the company’s estimated ICT budget for the year 2018, and presents budget allocations by product/service segment, business function, and by vendor type.

– The report also provides a detailed insight into the company’s key digital initiatives and their impact on its business.

– With value added charts and tables, the report is designed for an executive-level audience, boasting presentation quality.

– The comprehensive analysis of the company’s ICT budget and technology focus areas that the report provides, will help ICT product vendors, service providers and specialist outsourcers succeed in the challenging ICT market.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. Overview

2. Company Positioning

Geographical Footprint

Product Reach Analysis

Key Performance Indicators

3. IT Spending & Innovation

Estimated IT Budget for 2018

Digital Innovation and Transformation

4. Opportunities

Talking Points

5. Appendix


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