Digital Landscape: Breast Cancer

The Digital Landscape Breast Cancer report analyzes digital activities undertaken by pharma in support of therapies for breast cancer.


This report analyzes digital activities undertaken by pharma in support of therapies for breast cancer.

The report includes digital activities directed towards patients and/or HCPs, including branded websites, unbranded disease awareness initiatives, social media and mobile apps.

The report is based on analysis conducted by a combination of GlobalData’s digital and disease-specific teams. It also includes analysis of data licensed from third parties e.g. website traffic, search engine optimization (SEO), digital display advertising, mobile app downloads, and social media interaction.

The geographic scope of the report is the United States, Canada and the 5EU (UK, Germany, France, Italy & Spain), with EUCAN used as an abbreviation for Europe and Canada throughout.

This report covers the research period from January 2017 – March 2018.

Reasons to buy

Our Digital Landscape report provides an analysis of pharma multichannel activity in the digital breast cancer space, and can assist our pharma clients derive value in a number of ways:

• Competitive Intelligence: Track and compare key competitor activity across channels and identify key trends in breast cancer

• Digital Strategy: Strengthen corporate digital excellence, learn from industry best practice, and identify opportunities for novel digital campaigns

• Support new brand launch: See best practice examples of pre- and post-launch digital activities, ascertain must-have digital assets for patient and HCP engagement, and assess potential gaps and opportunities for pipeline brands

• Business Development & Licensing: Assess topics and trends shaping digital health in breast cancer and beyond, and learn about key patient and physician online activities in breast cancer

Companies mentioned




Roche / Genentech

Eli Lilly


Puma Technology



Midatech Pharma

Kwoya Kirin

TerSera Therapeutics


Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Recent Developments

Landscape & Analysis

›US: Patient-directed Activities

›US HCP-directed Activities

›EUCAN Patient-directed Activities

›EUCAN HCP-directed Activities



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