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PharmSource – Market Opportunities for Contract Manufacturers in Antibody Drug Conjugates

PharmSource’s trend report, ADC Market Opportunity for CMOs, is an indispensable resource for understanding the technical developments in the Antibody Drug Conjugate (ADC) sector and the scale of the commercial opportunities and risks for contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs).

The CDMO sector is investing significant resources to expand its capabilities in the ADC arena. More than 20 companies are active in the sector although, to date, no single company has demonstrated proficiency across all four elements of the ADC supply chain: large molecule manufacture, drug conjugation, the toxic payload, and fill/ finish of the conjugate.

The prospects for contract manufacturers already involved in or anticipating entry into the sector may be viewed in light of the mixed commercial success of the two approved ADCs, both of which are outsourced.



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This 21-page report explores whether the opportunity for ADCs is living up to the bio/pharma industry’s enthusiastic expectations and whether CDMOs are making appropriate investments in the technology to support market developments. In particular this trend report seeks to achieve the following objectives:

To describe and evaluate the ADC market opportunity;

To describe and address the adequacy of the network of CMOs that address the ADC market;

To assess the medium-term outlook for buyers and sellers of contract services for ADCs, including the supply/demand balance.

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