Global Mine-Site Technology Adoption Survey, 2018

• Across all sites, the most widely used technologies of those investigated were mine management software, mine communication systems and predictive maintenance.

• Typically these three were also those technologies in which mines were most likely to invest, either for the first time or in addition to existing investment, over the next two years. In addition, a significant share of mines also planned to invest in remote control vehicles and collision avoidance.

• Majors were much more likely to have invested in these technologies compared to smaller miners, and also more likely to be planning to invest in the next two years. However, mid-sized producers are catching up with high shares planning to invest in mine management software and predictive maintenance.

• On average, mine sites in Australia were most likely to have invested across all technologies, with Australian mines typically ahead of others across the rest of the world in terms of investment in cloud computing, drones, remote control vehicles and autonomous vehicles. A high share also intend to invest in autonomous or remote control machines.

• Asian mines were the least likely to have invested in these technologies, but a sizeable share (70%) are planning to invest in mine management software over the coming two years. In the Americas, priorities are for investment in mine management software, predictive maintenance and collision avoidance.

• Typically underground mines had invested to a greater extent than surface mines, especially with regards to remote control vehicles, and there is a greater share of underground mines intending to invest in most technologies, relative to surface mines.


The survey extended to mines across all regions, all mine types and a wide range of commodities, including iron ore, coal, base metals and precious metals. The survey was conducted between July and October 2018. Analysis of the results is provided by region, by mine type and by company type, relating the responses from majors with the mid-size and smaller miners.

Reasons to buy

• Assess the current adoption rates for each of 13 key technologies

• Compare adoption by mine type, region and company type

• Assess the potential for future investment by technology, both new investment and future investment.

• Analyse potential investment rates by region, mine type and company type

Table of Contents

1.0 Executive Summary

2.0 Scope of Research & Methodology

3.0 Global Overview

3.1 Regional comparisons

3.2 Mine type comparisons

3.3 Company type comparisons

4.0 Analysis by Region

5.0 Analysis by Mine Type

6.0 About GlobalData

List of Figures

Figure 1. Relative penetration of technologies by region and mine type

Figure 2. Expectation for investment in the next two years, by region and mine type

Figure 3. Global investment and adoption by technology

Figure 4. Global investment intentions by technology

Figure 5. Current investment vs. intentions, global

Figure 6. Regional comparison of technology adoption

Figure 7. Change in penetration of selected technologies over time, 2016-2018

Figure 8. Regional comparison of investment intentions

Figure 9. Comparison of technology investment by mine type

Figure 10. Comparison of investment intentions by mine type

Figure 11. Comparison of technology investment by company type

Figure 12. Comparison of investment intentions by company type

Figure 13. Technology adoption in Africa

Figure 14. Investment intentions in Africa

Figure 15. Technology adoption in Asia

Figure 16. Investment intentions in Asia

Figure 17. Technology adoption in Australasia

Figure 18. Investment intentions in Australasia

Figure 19. Technology adoption in the Americas

Figure 20. Investment intentions in the Americas

Figure 21. Technology adoption by mine type – Surface vs. Underground

Figure 22. Investment intentions by mine type – Surface vs. Underground


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