Global Ethylene Industry – Feedstock Advantage Shifts New Investments to the US

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GlobalData, the industry analysis specialist, has released its latest research: “Global Ethylene Industry – Feedstock Advantage Shifts New Investments to the US”. The study comes from the company’s petrochemical research group and provides market analysis of the global ethylene industry, highlighting major features of the industry. The report gives the historic and forecast, market size, demand and production figures by region. It covers all five regions that include Asia-Pacific, Europe, North America, South America and Middle East and Africa. The report has been built using data and information sourced from proprietary databases, primary and secondary research and in-house analysis by GlobalData’s research team of industry experts. The global ethylene industry is witnessing a change in the supply scenario in various parts of the world. In North America, ethylene supply is expected to boom in coming years as abundant and inexpensive natural gas liquids (NGLs) feedstock form shale gas is attracting companies to establish their plants in the region. In contrast to North America, ethylene industry in Europe is suffering from high cost of production due to high crude oil prices as most of plants in the region are based on naphtha feedstock. Middle East producers still have advantage of cheaper and subsidized NGLs feedstock, however, supply of cheap feedstock to new plants is uncertain. This will slow down the capacity addition in the region.


The report provides in-depth analysis of the demand and supply dynamics of the global ethylene industry. Its scope includes:

Historic and forecast global ethylene capacity by region

Global ethylene capacity by feedstock

Capacity share of the major ethylene producers in the world

Major demand driver of the global ethylene industry

Historic and forecast ethylene market size, demand volume and production volume by region

Global ethylene demand by end-use sectors

Global ethylene industry price forecast by region

Company profile of three largest company in the ethylene industry including capacity and plant details

Reasons to Buy

The report will enhance your decision-making capability by allowing you to:

Understand the key trends and challenges in the global ethylene industry

Understand the regional ethylene supply scenario

Identify opportunities in the global ethylene industry with the help of specific insights on demand and supply dynamics

Increase future revenues and profitability with the help of insights into future opportunities and critical success factors in the global ethylene industry

Understand the current and likely future competitive scenario

Table of Contents

1Table of Contents

1Table of Contents2

1.1List of Tables4

1.2List of Figures5



2.2GlobalData Report Guidance6

3Global Ethylene Capacity – North America Will Rank Just Behind the Asia-Pacific Region7

3.1The Global Ethylene Industry, Supply Scenario, 2002-20177

3.2Global Ethylene Planned Plants Details – The US and China Will Add the Most Capacity through 20179

3.3Global Ethylene Installed Plant Capacity by Key Feedstock, 201211

3.4Global Ethylene Industry, Capacity Share of Top 10 Companies, 201213

4China and India Will Drive Demand for Ethylene in the Asia-Pacific Region15

4.1Global Ethylene Industry, Market Size, 2002–201715

4.2Global Ethylene Production, 2002–201720

4.3Global Ethylene 2012 Demand by End-Use Sector23

4.4Global Ethylene Price Forecast 2002–201724

5Major Companies Active in the Global Ethylene Industry26


5.1.1Company Overview26

5.1.2SABIC’s Global Ethylene Capacity, 2002-201726

5.1.3SABIC’s Active Ethylene Complexes Details, 201229

5.2Dow Chemical29

5.2.1Company Overview29

5.2.2Dow Chemical, Global Ethylene Capacity, 2002-201731

5.2.3Dow Chemical’s Active Ethylene Complexes in 201233

5.3ExxonMobil Corporation33

5.3.1Company Overview33

5.3.2ExxonMobil’s Total Installed Capacity, 2002-201734

5.3.3ExxonMobil’s Active Ethylene Complexes in 201237




7.1.1Installed Capacity39




7.3GlobalData’s Research Methodology39


7.3.2Secondary Research40

7.3.3Primary Research40

7.3.4Expert Panel Validation40

7.4Contact Us41


List of Tables

1.1List of Tables

Table 1:Global Ethylene Capacity by Region, 2002–20179

Table 2:Global Ethylene Major Planned Plant Details, 2013–201710

Table 3:Global Ethylene Major Planned Plant Details, 2013–2017 (Contd.)11

Table 4:Global Ethylene Capacity by Feedstock, 201212

Table 5:Ethylene Capacity Share of Top 10 Companies (%), 201214

Table 6:Polyethylene Demand in the US and China, 2002 and 201215

Table 7:Global Ethylene Market Size by Region ($bn), 2002–201718

Table 8:Global Ethylene Demand Volume by Region, 2002–201720

Table 9:Global Ethylene Production by Region, 2002–201722

Table 10:Global Ethylene Demand by End-Use 201223

Table 11:Global Ethylene Average Price by Region ($/Ton), 2002–201725

Table 12: Key Facts About Saudi Basic Industries Corporation, Key Facts26

Table 13: SABIC’s Installed Ethylene Capacity, 2002–201728

Table 14:SABIC’s Active Ethylene Complexes 201229

Table 15:Key Facts About Dow Chemical30

Table 16:Dow Chemical’s Installed Ethylene Capacity, 2002–201732

Table 17:Dow Chemical’s Active Ethylene Complexes in 201233

Table 18:Key Facts About Exxon Mobil Corporation34

Table 19:ExxonMobil’s Installed Ethylene Capacity, 2002–201736

Table 20:ExxonMobil’s Active Ethylene Complexes in 201237

List of Figures

1.2List of Figures

Figure 1:Global Ethylene Capacity by Region, 2002–20178

Figure 2:Global Ethylene Capacity by Feedstock, 201212

Figure 3:Ethylene Capacity Share of Top 10 Companies (%), 201213

Figure 4: Global Ethylene Market Size by Region ($bn), 2002–201717

Figure 5: Global Ethylene Demand Volume by Region, 2002–201719

Figure 6: Global Ethylene Production by Region, 2002–201721

Figure 7:Global Ethylene Demand by End-Use 201223

Figure 8: Global Ethylene Average Price by Region ($/Ton), 2002–201724

Figure 9:SABIC’s Installed Ethylene Capacity, 2002–201727

Figure 10:Dow Chemical’s Installed Ethylene Capacity, 2002–201731

Figure 11:ExxonMobil’s Installed Ethylene Capacity, 2002–201735


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