KOL Perspectives: Novel treatment options for moderate UC

Pages: 27 Published: January 06, 2018 Report Code: GDHC052SP

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› Questions topics:

ꟷCurrent clinical management of moderate UC patients

ꟷAwareness of novel therapies in development suitable for moderate UC

ꟷPerception of Phase II apremilast data in moderate UC

ꟷExpectations for treatment algorithm positioning of apremilast

ꟷPotential for future combination therapy with apremilast

ꟷPerception of apremilast's other labels in psoriasis (PsO) and psoriatic arthritis (PsA)


› The insight briefing is based on Sociable Pharma’s analysis of primary research with our inflammatory bowel disease key opinion leaders (KOLs)

› In total, we conducted interviews with 10 KOLs:

– 5 Europe-based & 5 N. America-based

– Interviews performed during March 2018

> KOL data is analyzed to produce:

– Charts summarizing KOL opinions

– Chart call-outs of key information & details

– KOL quotes

– Summary of KOL reporting trends

– Insight from Sociable Pharma's analysts

Key Highlights

Nearly half of all UC patients seen in the majority of KOLs’ clinical practices are considered as having moderate UC

Most KOLs would initially treat moderate UC patients with 5-ASAs, moving to anti-TNF therapies if patients do not respond

KOLs stated that less than 10% of moderate UC patients required surgical intervention

Reasons to Buy

Combines Qualitative & semi-quantitative insight from key opinion leaders on " novel treatment options for moderate UC "

Includes insight & recommendations from our disease-specific healthcare analysts

Utilizes independent expert viewpoints to validate the impact of new clinical data & emerging trends on management of UC

Provides cost-effective support for your advisory boards, with topics acting as a catalyst for further expert discussion

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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Research Panel Composition

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